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Brief Hair Care History

Before people became avid fans of salon treatments and hair products that cost thousands of dollars, hair care was less intricate, less costly, yet sometimes weird.

In Ancient Egypt, women used creams as hair moisturizers to protect hair from hot and dry climate. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England, a bizarre hairdressing technique uses lard (pig fat) to set the hair. Good thing hair gels are available now.

It’s interesting how people associated good hair with higher social status. Race or texture of hair did not have anything to do with it. Richer women simply had the luxury to buy extensions, hair accessories, and wigs. They adorn their hair with scented oils and dye too. Up to this date, you can see these hair enhancing techniques still being done.

Natural hair care remedies were also popular even before. Effective natural ingredients such as coconut and almond oil as well as honey have been a staple hair care solution in Old India. Egyptians themselves used herbs such as henna to dye their hair jet black. Other cultures use vinegar, mint, thyme and rosemary-infused water.

On the flipside, it seems really odd that women during the 19th century didn’t wash hair as often as people do today. How do they manage to keep it clean? It lies in the magic of hairbrush. They had to brush hair every evening to get rid of oils and dirt.

The Greeks are the pioneers for crafting curls for a hairstyle. The upper classes used heated tongs, the ancient version of a curling iron. They and the Romans contributed to the popularity of many styling trends.

Impact of Modern-Day Hair Care

Liquid shampoo we use today was not invented until the late 1920s. Then five decades later, people began using the rinse-off conditioner we know today. Until that time, the only hair care trend was washing hair once a month with soaps.

Today, the beauty and health industry continue to discover innovative ways to take care of our hair. With the latest technology, many hair care brands offer various products for specific hair needs. There’s a little debate between the use of lab-made ingredients versus natural ingredients. Find out more about it as you take on this exclusive realm of Healthy Hair Lifestyles.

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