Cameron Meyer

"Hi, I'm Cameron and I love coffee, plane tickets and a taste of adventure."

Barbara Willis

"A self-proclaimed food enthusiast who continues to experiment and seek for blends and brews that tickles every aspect of your..."

Veronica Smith

"A 20 year old literature student who believes that fiction reveals truths that reality obscures."

Dallas Truman

"I've been writing for almost 5 years now since leaving my job as a senior operations manager at a huge..."

Cynthia Harper

"As a professional hairstylist, I only have one thing to say. Don’t let your hair ruin your day, and the..."

Dianne Meister

"Magic is everywhere people! if only everyone knows how to look. Look for the good in everybody and you'll find..."

Russell Adams

"Dabbling in all of my passion – a rookie hairstylist by dawn, a patissier by day, and a writer by..."

Heather Cox

"A love for wine and anything related to hair – I am not your regular wavy-haired goddess. I embrace my..."

Maia De Alonzo

"I believe in freedom of speech and the power of encouraging words. It changes lives and gives people hope. I'm..."

Rachel Decker

"Hi, I'm Rachel! This blog is dedicated to random awesomeness I stumbled upon on the online universe. Got something that..."

Vanessa Kent

"Welcome to my blog! From makeups, skincare rituals, and how-not-to-be-a-fashion-terrorist-guide, I got you covered!"

Rebecca Walls

"I created "A thousand Sunset" blog to share images of the magic of sunsets at different places around the world...."