Basic Grooming Guide to All Beard Types and Styles

By: | Apr 22, 2018

Fashion and style are the only ones that seem to never die out. There’s always a revival of these trends in each generation. And beards are truly coming back and conquering the minds of women. Who knew that looking like a sleek caveman rouses the attraction of the people around you.

Stylish and clean cut beards carry this symbol of wisdom, confidence, and masculinity. But not everyone is gifted with the ability to grow a beard. And if you have it, better cultivate it. As we’re now seeing the value of hair care for men, more and more brands are now offering products such as beard oil and tools you can make your own to master the art of grooming. But if you don’t know where to start, then use this guide to jumpstart your beard care ventures.

Full Long Beard

Basics of Beard Care

There are foundations to every hair care and knowing them helps you conquer the battle in subduing wild and untamable tresses. For beard care, here are the three basics that you need to know about.

Every Day Management

Your daily chore of washing and conditioning the beard ensures the strength of the strands and reduces risks of weakening facial hair. Remember that facial hair is still prone to conditions and issues such as split ends, frizzing, and even dandruff. Use the best beard oil for deep hydration.

Styling Facial Hair

Styling the hair comes after the basics of washing and conditioning. It helps keep the shape and style you’re going for. Getting a neat and well-groomed beard even at the end of the day is a wonderful effect of proper styling.

Grooming Beards for A Neat Style

Grooming the beard is not an everyday task. It spans from weekly to monthly practices done to keep the shape of the beard and to prevent damages from spreading. There are even the basics of every grooming for all beard types.

Beard Shampoos and Conditioners

Basics of Weekly Grooming

If you prefer the clean-shaven face, then shaving daily has become a habit. Or if you don’t mind the 3-day stubble, then two times a week is enough. But if you’re maintaining a beard, then aside from your daily essentials and styling, there are grooming practices you need to commit to. Here are the basics you need to know about.

Trimming to Retain the Shape

Trimming the beard is important. It keeps the shape and even prevents damages from spreading. Most damages start from the tips of the strands and spread upwards to affect the shaft until it reaches the roots. It often comes in the form of split ends, brittle and weak strands, and even thinning beard. To avoid these issues, you should do some regular trimming.

Shaping the Beard

Once you’ve decided on the shape of your beard, you need to keep maintain it weekly or it’ll lose its shape. But you can also try other shapes. You can do this by shaving along the lines that form the style of your beard. Once a week is enough to keep the shape neat.

Deep Conditioning the Beard

If there are deep conditioning treatments for the hair, then there are also such practices for the beard. Especially since the beard is rougher and frizzier compared to normal hair. You can do this by applying some beard oil on growing hair and leaving it on or use facial hair masks that also condition the skin underneath.

Neat and Short Styled Beard

Monthly Beard Care Rituals

Of course, if you have weekly routines, then there are also steps you should do every month. For a sleek, healthy, and silky beard, follow these steps and you get to keep the soft and manageable facial hair you’re proud of.

Consider Other Beard Styles

First, you should evaluate whether having a beard do you good or causes you to suffer. From irritated skin to having breakouts, if you’re experiencing them, then you should consider having a beard. You should also look for styles that are currently in trend and see if they suit you. There’s no need to stick to one style all your life. You’re free to choose whatever your soul calls for!

Visit A Professional

Whether it’s a physician or a professional groomer, make sure to visit them at least every three months. It is to make sure that you’re keeping your beard healthy and the skin underneath protected. They will also give you tips on how to properly take care of facial hair. Learn more about facial hair care in Shiny Leaf.