Celebrity Hacks: How Famous People Get Stylish Hair

By: | Apr 18, 2018

Finally learning that celebrities are actually humans who take some time and effort to style their hair?

If there’s anything to be enviable about celebrities, it’s not money and fame (although this is still up for discussion) but their looks. They appear to be effortlessly sleek and stylish every time they show up on the red carpet. A few mishaps now and then do not weigh on our admiration. Instead, the way they gracefully carry themselves after only further deepens our awe.

But what does really bring out the undeniable charm of these celebrities? Remember how the internet went crazy over Emma Watson’s pixie cut? That’s right. It’s their locks! And for men, it’s that majestic beard that’s currently in style this 2017. Be one of the stars and shine like no other by learning these celebrity hacks for stronger and healthier hair.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Celebrity Hacks How Famous People Get Sleek and Stylish Hair

A Perfectly Functioning Hair Care Regimen

If there’s something that celebrities always take time to do, it would be their hair care regimen. Some of them turn to pros to let them do their magic while others already mastered the art that is hair grooming. A good hair care routine not only helps maintain the health of the hair but also keeps it from getting damaged by the styling products. Even experts advise using oils to keep your tresses nourished. One of the hypes that even stars are now into is applying some castor oil for the growth of hair that is more resilient and shiny.

Nourishing Locks from Inside Out

Few people are aware of the effects of having a healthy diet to the hair. But your locks and scalp actually get primary nourishment from the foods that you eat. The hair needs essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to grow healthy and strong. Iron, protein and vitamin c are some of them. If you want long-lasting results, you can start by adding some fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Celebrity Hacks How Famous People Get Sleek and Stylish Hair

Converting to Natural Hair Care

Lots of celebrities keep this secret: there are more benefits to natural hair care than chemical treatments. Chemicals in hair products will more likely cause damage in the long run. Ever heard of the benefits of rose oil for hair and scalp? If this is the first time you’ve learned about this, then you’re in for a surprise. Rose oil’s got a lot of benefits for your hair. A drop of rose oil or other effective hair oils transforms hair like no other.

Protecting Hair from Risks of Styling Damages

Styling the hair actually damages the hair. While they instantly transform your tresses to achieve the shape or style that you’re going for, not using the right products or methods will surely harm your locks. Blow drying and ironing your tresses mean that you’re exposing your hair to too much heat which is a huge no-no. While celebrities always go through this to get that glossy hair look, you’d notice that their hair actually does not look that dull or frizzy. This is because they use products that protect their hair against the damages of styling.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Celebrity Hacks How Famous People Get Sleek and Stylish Hair

Matching Hair Cuts with Beard Style

Simply going for a unique hair or beard style does not make a dashing man. Hollywood actors that sweep the crowd off of their feet have matching haircuts and beard styles. Of course, there’s always the law of coordination in fashion and beauty. A haircut that complements the beard boosts your charm. They even pay particular attention to facial hair – only using the best beard oil to grow thick and resilient strands. One of the favorite mentions of celebrity beard men is the cedarwood-scented beard oil from the popular line of facial hair goodies, Mountaineer Brand.

Knowing More About Hair Care

Of course, the art of hair care still leaves all of us wondering. There’s so much to discover and learn. Celebrities are way ahead of us when it comes to hair care. Maybe because they’ve been privy to the secret of experts. But knowing more about the proper methods to treating your tresses actually gives you leverage in a world that values a healthy hair. Did you know that you should not apply conditioner on the scalp rather, just on the middle part and the tips of your locks? This might come as a surprise but this is actually a basic in hair care.

While you’re off and messing the proper ways to handle your hair, these celebrities are hiding some helpful tips and hacks that we’re now sharing with you.