Hair Care Bible for Wavy Hair for Women

By: | Apr 21, 2018

For women who have normal hair, taking care of it has become a routine. But for those who have curly or wavy hair? Every morning is a war against tresses that refuse to stay tamed. Even using hair styling products seldom help in keeping your locks smooth and frizz-free. But of course, this is just because you probably don’t know a thing about taking care of your hair type.

Finally, women don’t have to face a gruesome battle every morning! Ever heard about the effects castor oil for tresses, or perhaps, the trick about shampooing and conditioning? If not, then here’s the bible hair care for those who have curly and wavy hair that is hard to tame.

Curly Hair

What Makes Curly and Wavy Hair Unique

There are different types of hair and each one requires certain steps for hair care. Wavy and curly hair is harder to style and manage because they are drier compared to normal hair types. There are a lot of differences between straight and normal strands and wavy ones.

A lot of women want to have glorious locks that have natural waves and curls. Those ringlets are the subject of envy among women, especially during summer. Beach waves are just gorgeous on anyone. But those who have this type of hair know the trouble all too well.

Normal hair types have straight strands and almost no curls on their hair. This is why the oil that comes from the scalp flows naturally down into the body and even the tips. It is what makes the strands have a straight body. But when there are not enough natural oils in the scalp, we solve this issue by applying some oils. If men use beard oil for growing facial hair, then women also have essential oils to help with the flow of their hair.

Curly Hair

Hair Care Tips for Taking Care of Wavy Tresses

Wavy tresses are frizzier and rougher compared to normal hair types. Avoid bad hair days by learning how to tame your locks!

#1 Cut Down on Shampoos

There are not enough oils in wavy or curly hair. It’s either that the scalp does not produce enough or these oils just have a hard time flowing through the body or the shaft. Compared to straight strands, wavy locks are more prone to frizzing. They are also coarser. This is because the strands have weaker cuticles, making it easier for the moisture to escape from the hair strands. Using shampoos strip off the natural moisture on hair. This also damages the cuticles.

Avoid frizzing by simply cutting down on the days that you use shampoo. Instead of daily, gradually transition from four times a week, to three times a week, and finally, to twice a week. You can instead focus on daily conditioning. You can also invest in natural hair care like applying castor oil for growing hair that is more resilient against damages.

Wavy Hair

#2 Be Careful Not to Touch the Hair Often

When you’re touching your hair, it also disrupts the flow of the waves. It also tends to damage the cuticles that protect the body of the strands. You’ll notice that finger combing makes the cluster of waves separate, therefore, creating this messy look.

#3 Using the Right Kind of Comb

First of all, combing also damages wavy hair. There is no need to comb this type of tresses often. The natural waves are the characteristic of this hair type and combing even aggravates the frizzing of the strands. Instead, only opt for detangling. Remove knots in the hair by using the right kind of comb.

Be mindful not to pick thin combs that have many teeth. Use wide-toothed combs that are just perfect for detangling. They help keep the appealing form of wavy hair and do not damage the cuticles enough.

#4 Weekly Deep Conditioning

Sometimes, daily conditioning is not enough. This is why experts also recommend doing some weekly deep conditioning for wavy hair. Focusing on the health and the state of the scalp helps the tresses recover from the damages. It also improves the ability of the scalp to regulate the production of oils. For deep conditioning treatments, use oils that are deeply moisturizing like the pure chemical-free castor oil of Rejuve Naturals.

Hair Wash at Salon

#5 Trim Your Tresses Regularly

Dame to the hair often starts from the tips. It then affects the body of the strands, slowly going from there to reach the roots. To prevent hair damages from spreading, trim the hair regularly. It also helps keep the shape of wavy hair and maintain a nice style.

#6 Comb Tresses When Wet

Since wavy or curly hair is already drier compared to normal ones, combing them when dry just damages it. Instead, it’s best to do this while the hair is still wet. This way, it reduces the damages that it does to the strand.

#7 Opt for Natural Chemical-Free Products

This is the cinch of the whole ordeal. Chemicals in hair products like sulfate are the most common causes that the hair gets dry. They do not only strip off the natural oils on tresses but they also cause it to weaken. Using natural formulas for hair helps lower risks of damaging the hair. In fact, there are reports that it has healthier benefits and less long-term negative effects.