How to Avoid Breakage and Fallouts

By: | Apr 24, 2018

Hair breakage and fallouts happen when hair is dry, brittle and weak. It also happens when you use products and tools that are not appropriate for your hair type. Too much use of styling products and heat can also cause hair to break and fall out. Other reasons for why hair falls involves genetics and other environmental factors. The good news is there are many ways to help avoid breakage and fallouts. Here are some great tips and tricks that you can do at home.

Hair Strengthening Treatments

Hair strengthening treatments and products can help alleviate hair fall and breakage. They contain ingredients that make hair more resilient to breakage. Some of the most common ingredients used for strengthening hair are keratin, silicone and jojoba oils.

If you prefer all natural hair treatments, you can use ingredients found at home to create your own hair strengthening treatment.  Essential oils like castor oil and carrier oils like coconut oil both have the ability to strengthen hair. Apply these oils on hair and scalp once or twice a week as a deep conditioner. You can also do an at home hair mask using eggs, and mayonnaise.

Hair Tools to Use

If you suffer from hair fall, one of the main culprits could be too much heat from your hair dryer. Too much heat can make hair brittle and easy to break. Lower the settings of your hair dryer to a cooler temperature or air-dry your hair from time to time. Spray on a heat-protecting product to lock moisture in and protect hair from too much heat.

Brushing hair using the wrong kind of brush is another reason why your hair keeps breaking and falling. Avoid falling hair by using natural boar bristle brush with your hairdryer. You can use combs instead of brushes to detangle hair. When detangling hair using a comb, start from the lower half of your hair instead of combing from root to tip. Combing from the roots can entangle hair further and cause breakage as you go down the length of your hair.

Make your hair strong with these easy tips that you can do at home. Let us know how it goes.