Men’s Guide to a Dashing Look with Suave Hair and Beard

By: | Apr 19, 2018

Vanity is more often linked with women. They are the epitome of beauty. But with the ever-evolving world of fashion and style, you’ll notice how the society is acknowledging demands for products and brands that tailor just to our needs as men. Who’s to say that we can’t express our vanity? After all, we’re the pillars of society, often judged by how masculine we look.

Let the beast out and satisfy your cravings for style and regimens that will finally give you that dashing look you’re going for. Here’s the ultimate guide to having a sleek hair and suave beard – a badge of confidence.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Mens Guide to a Dashing Look with Suave Hair and Beard

Grooming For Smooth Sailing Days

A common misconception of the society is that we’re only into grooming when we’re looking for a woman to shower attention with. But most of us are probably just lazy or dismisses regimens as trivial things. But style and appeal do not come at the simple beckoning of your fingers. Just slicking back those strands does not do the trick. Use some oil for beard growth and follow these simple rules.

#1 Washing the Hair and Beard

Dirt, excess oil, flakes, and even residues of hair products cause havoc on your scalp and skin. Both the hair that grows out of your head and your beard needs some good washing to get rid of the filth. Even the grime that clings to the strands makes it harder for you to groom and style that facial hair. Of course, irritation is likely to happen if you don’t properly clean your hair. From flaking to dandruff (beardruff for facial hair), these are just some of the issues that make hair care harder.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Mens Guide to a Dashing Look with Suave Hair and Beard

#2 Conditioning the Strands for Long-Lasting Moisture

Washing the hair means that you’re also stripping it off of its natural moisture. The oils that your skin and scalp produce are what make the strands soft and smooth to the touch. Coarse, frizzy, and rough hair means that there’s not enough moisture. Of course, this is an issue that will make your day from good to worse. Always remember to condition facial and head hair for long-lasting moisture. Check the beard conditioner from the Gentleman’s Beard.

#3 Trimming Hair and Beard to Desirable Lengths

Both your beard and head hair needs occasional trimming. Make sure to keep them into desired lengths. It will not only make your hair look impeccable but it also prevents damages from spreading. Split ends tend to start from the tips until it reaches the middle lengths of the strands. Occasional trimming also helps the strands stay in style.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Mens Guide to a Dashing Look with Suave Hair and Beard

Styling Sleek and Dapper Hair and Beard Styles

Daily and weekly grooming help you look clean. But what about that extra machismo and appeal? This is where your styling skills come in. You need to at least master the craft of styling to get the look that you’re going for. Here are some of the basics of why and how you can style your hair.

#1 Knowing the Magic of Essential Oils

Essential oils are probably the most in-demand products in the market nowadays. With a wide variety of oils, you’ll find one that suits your needs well. It works for both the head and facial hair. From moisturizing to nourishing abilities, essential oils got it all. It leaves the beard and locks softer and smoother to the touch. Use some beard oil for growth of smoother strands and you will be able to manage it easily.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles - Mens Guide to a Dashing Look with Suave Hair and Beard

#2 Converting to Balms

Instead of using gels or hair sprays, we suggest that you start learning about the benefits of balms. Most of these hair styling products contain chemicals that can damage the strands. After using hairspray you’ll notice that the strands get frizzier and rough. Men who look their best are also confident that their hair stays in shape and style. A few strands might stray but locks that go haywire are just unacceptable. This also works for beards. Using the best beard oil for the growth of stronger facial hair is not the only rule you must follow for a natural hair care.

#3 Committing to A Hair and Beard Style

The most important thing in hair care is to commit to a style. It gives you an idea on how to properly take care of your hair. For example, if you choose to sport a short beard and locks, then you’ll need to remember that there’s a shape to keep. The shape of your beard and even your head hair matters in styling because you need to define it. Using beard balms help in giving those shapes.

Now that you got the basics pat down, it’s time to master the craft of grooming and styling.