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Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients for Hair Loss


Hair thinning is one of the few things that alarm men and women aside from a noticeably sparse hairline or lackluster locks. While it is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day, more than that indicates an issue. Hair loss can happen to anyone and variety of its factors can contribute to the condition. The causes of hair loss may vary from genetics to the way you use your hair loss shampoo and conditioner, and other hair care products.

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    Different Types of Hair Loss that Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner Can Cure

    Hair loss may be sudden or gradual depending on its effect on your scalp and hair. If you notice your hair thinning or see an immediate increase of hair loss, talk to a doctor as soon as possible to see if it can be one of the hair loss conditions listed below:

    • Androgenetic Alopecia

    Androgenetic alopecia is hereditary hair loss and it is the most common type. Men and women with Androgenetic alopecia are born with hair follicles that are sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone causes hair follicles to be small in scale while it produces thinner and finer hair over time. Men with this condition typically notice a hairline that recedes at the crown while women with Androgenetic alopecia have wide patches of hair loss on their scalp.

    • Involutional Alopecia

    Involutional alopecia is the gradual thinning and loss of hair caused by aging. This hair condition happens when a great number of hair follicles move into their resting phase and remaining hair strands become shorter, finer and less in number. Aside from genetics, aging is the most typical cause that triggers hair loss.

    • Alopecia Areata

    Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicles. This causes hair loss to happen on the scalp, face and other body areas. Alopecia areata can affect men and women and it often appears first in childhood.

    Remedies for hair loss

    Hair loss is an issue that increasingly affects men and women as they grow older. If you do not prevent this condition early, your hair may slow down from growing as it leaves you with lesser locks or in worse cases – with none. Luckily, hair loss can be easily cured with a variety of products that help combat hair loss in men and women. If you notice quite a number of hair fallouts lately, try adding these natural ingredients to your hair care regimen to prevent signs of hair loss:

    Onion juice  – Onion juice is one of the most effective and oldest remedies used for hair loss. A few cuts of onion contains Sulphur. This mineral is a necessity for proper synthesis of proteins needed for hair growth. Onion juice improves collagen production in the hair tissues that support the strength and elasticity of every hair strand. To try this remedy, cut a few slices of onion and mash them all together until the juice is extracted. Apply the onion extract on the scalp for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and use a mild shampoo to get rid of the onion odor.

    Coconut milk – Coconut milk is an effective remedy for hair loss and it is one of the best ingredients to apply for hair pampering. Coconuts are loaded with vitamins like niacin, folate, and vitamin E. These essential vitamins can help improve your scalp’s blood circulation as they fight damage. For this remedy, you need to mix coconut milk, lemon extract, and 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Blend everything thoroughly then apply it on your scalp. Leave the mixture for 4-5 hours and rinse with cold water.

    Fenugreek essential oil – Fenugreek is one of the oldest herb remedies for hair loss. This herb is rich in Folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. It contains large amounts of Lecithin too. Lecithin hydrates and strengthens the hair from root to tip. The seeds of the Fenugreek help in moisturizing the hair as they bring back the hair’s luster and bounce. It can treat a variety of scalp issues like hair fall and dandruff. To try this remedy, just mix 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek essential oil and 1 tablespoon of coconut milk. Once the ingredients are blended, apply the mixture on hair and scalp and rinse everything well with lukewarm water after an hour.

    Do you want to know more ways to keep your hair healthy and free from hair loss? Find out more about hair care and ways to battle against hair loss here.

    Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients that Help Hair Grow

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    There is no doubt that hair loss can bring horrible side effects to one’s self. Having bald patches on the scalp are difficult to hide and cover. Hair thinning can lower down your self-esteem and cause depression. These symptoms of hair loss can easily target physical and psychological features. If you are one of these people, you do not need to worry anymore and you do not have to look far for solutions. Here are some ingredients to look for in your hair loss shampoo and conditioner that help hair grow:

    • Biotin

    Biotin is a coenzyme that plays an important role in hair growth. This ingredient can grow strong, thick and healthy hair. A coenzyme is a substance that initiates or aids the function of enzymes – in this case, it aids the proteins on your hair strands called Keratin. Keratin is a protein that helps your hair grow straight and strong.

    • Niacin

    Niacin or vitamin B3 is a vitamin found in most hair loss shampoos and conditioners. This B-vitamin increases hair growth by improving the blood circulation on the scalp. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to enter on your hair follicles for fast growth.

    • Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Pumpkin seed oil has a measurable effect on hair thickness, growth, and quality. This essential oil is filled with essential components such as Tryptophan, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Pumpkin seed oil acts as a hair loss remedy due to its zinc content that helps balance hormones for healthy hair growth.

    • Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary oil is a common ingredient found in most hair loss shampoos and conditioners. This is because this oil contains vitamin C and A that help stimulate collagen production. Collagen plays a big part when renewing cells. It maintains the strength and elasticity of hair strands. The essential fatty acids contained in rosemary oil aids the renewal and healing of hair follicles for growth.

    • Green tea extract

    Green tea is rich in Catechins. These catechins help repress Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the main cause of hair loss. Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage. These substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, including hair. This allows the blood to flow nicely on the scalp for hair growth.

    • Cysteine

    L-cysteine is an amino acid used as one of the main building blocks of Keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein that helps bring structure to your skin, nails, and hair. L-cysteine is one of few amino acids that have the ability to form disulfide bonds. These disulfide bonds hold together the keratin strands within the hair to provide fibrous properties that hold on to moisture and prevent hair dryness.

    • Panthenol

    Panthenol or vitamin B5 is widely used in shampoos and conditioners to help thicken hair. This B-vitamin forms a smooth film over the hair cuticles that help enhance light reflection to make the tresses look shinier and glossier. The molecular structure of Panthenol allows it to attract moisture that keeps your hair strands from dehydrating too quickly for better growth.

    Precautions When Using Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner

    Your shampoos and conditioners can make or break your hair. That is why it is important to look for a safe and effective shampoo and conditioner to help you prevent the causes of hair loss. Aside from giving you ingredients to buy in your hair loss shampoos and conditioners, here are some ingredients to avoid using as well:

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a harsh chemical detergent and surfactant used in many commercial shampoos to strip away dirt, oil, and other impurities on the scalp. While these sound like nice qualities on the surface, it is important to know that this ingredient is far from being a gentle cleanser. Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient often found in paint removers, household cleaning products, and dishwasher detergents. This harmful ingredient breaks down your hair’s protein building blocks and strips away protective oils on your scalp, which leads to hair loss and breakage.

    Parabens – Parabens are a group of chemical preservatives added to products to keep bacteria at bay and prolong shelf life. Unfortunately, these preservatives are extremely irritating on the skin and these can trigger allergic reactions in some people as well. Parabens can cause hormonal imbalance linked to tumor development and mood swings that often lead to pattern hair loss in women.

    Diethanolamine – Diethanolamine (DEA) is an emulsifier and lather-producing substance. You can find this ingredient in agricultural and textile industries. It is used frequently in detergents, cleaners, fabric solvents, metalworking fluids, and, cosmetics, which includes hair loss shampoos and conditioners. Diethanolamine can cause hyperkeratosis and damaging effects on the liver.  Hyperkeratosis is a skin condition that occurs when a person’s skin becomes thicker than in usual places. This harsh ingredient can give harm to your scalp and even stop your hair’s growth process.

    Sodium Chloride – Sodium chloride or table salt is often in hair loss shampoos and conditioners. It contains sulfates that help thicken the lather. While it is the most natural ingredient found in commercial hair products, salt can have a drying effect on your hair shaft. This dryness can lead to breakage and hair loss.

    How to use hair loss shampoos and conditioners the right way

    One of the reasons why hair keeps falling from your scalp is because you use too much shampoo and conditioner. Hair loss shampoo and conditioners can dry out your hair strands if you apply much on your scalp. To prevent this from ever happening, here is a guide to help you use your shampoo and conditioner the right way against hair loss:

    For men and women

    Use at least 1-2 drops of hair loss shampoo and conditioner on to hair. Make sure that the hair is completely wet before applying the products. Massage the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly on the scalp for about 3-5 minutes. Rinse your shampoo with cold water and use lukewarm water when rinsing your conditioner. Gently damp your hair with a clean towel right after you shower. Avoid using hot hair tools for styling such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons. Instead, use a wide tooth comb to brush your strands neatly for a more finished look.

    For pregnant women and children

    Before using any hair loss shampoo and conditioner for pregnant women, it is highly advised to consult your doctor first about the kind of shampoo and conditioner appropriate for you. This protects you and your baby from irritations brought by the ingredients contained in the shampoo and conditioner.

    When using hair loss shampoos and conditioners on children, make sure that an adult supervises them to prevent overuse and spilling of the products. Parental supervision is necessary to prevent these children from accidentally swallowing the products as well.

    Are you still looking for more tips and tricks for healthy hair growth? Check out this page to find out more.

    Using Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner against Alopecia

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    Many people suffer from the effects of hair loss, especially to those people who have Alopecia. Alopecia areata is a common hair loss disease that causes hair to fall out in small patches. The main symptom of Alopecia areata is hair loss. The hair of a person with Alopecia usually falls out in small round patches on the scalp. This is because the immune system attacks the hair follicles that make them smaller in size. This stops the production of new hair strands, which causes hair loss.

    Best hair loss shampoo and conditioner for Alopecia

    There is no proven cure to get rid of Alopecia but this hair condition is possible to treat. Here are some ingredients in hair loss shampoos and conditioners that can help treat Alopecia areata:

    • Ketoconazole

    Ketoconazole is one of the most common active ingredients in hair loss shampoos and conditioners. It is designed to control skin fungus and prevent common skin irritation. Ketoconazole is widely used in shampoos and conditioners as a means of controlling dandruff, skin rash and hair loss. One of the biggest benefits of Ketoconazole is that it can delay the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on hair. DHT is a hormone that actively attacks hair follicles on the frontal and crown parts of the scalp.

    • Salicylic Acid

    Salicylic Acid helps reduce the level of sebum in your scalp. Sebum is a waxy and oily substance made by your skin. In the scalp, sebum can contain large amounts of dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). Controlling the amount of sebum prevents Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from building up over time.

    • Pyrithione zinc

    Pyrithione zinc is a metal complex of zinc that inhibits the division of fungal and bacterial cells, which makes it an important ingredient for Seborrheic dermatitis and Alopecia areata. Pyrithione zinc is widely used as an anti-dandruff treatment too. It is a great addition to any shampoo and it effectively works for people with dry and itchy scalp.

    • Saw palmetto extract

    Saw palmetto extract came from the fruit of Saw palmetto. This subtropical fruit grows in the southeast region of The United States of America. Saw palmetto extract can treat Alopecia because it is known as a natural Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blocker. High levels of DHT can lead to baldness in men and women. Applying small amounts of Saw palmetto extract on the scalp can help reduce DHT levels as it improves growth by slowing down hair loss.

    • Argan Oil

    Argan oil is rich in natural fatty acids that are beneficial to hair follicles. These fatty acids help stimulate the production of Keratin, which is a protein essential for hair growth. Argan oil enhances the blood circulation on your scalp so that the hair follicles get the nutrients they need for growth.

    • Castor oil

    Castor oil is a great ingredient to add onto your hair loss shampoo and conditioner for Alopecia areata because it combats bald patches naturally. This oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin E, and minerals. These beneficial components of castor oil can penetrate into the hai’s shafts and roots for nourishment. This restores the optimum health of the scalp and improves hair growth.

    Precautions when using hair loss shampoo and conditioner for persons with alopecia

    For people who have alopecia or who are in recovery from alopecia, it is important to consult your doctor or hair professional first. Consulting them before purchasing a hair loss shampoo and conditioner can prevent any irritation to occur.

    When using shampoos and conditioners for hair loss, make sure to apply 1 small drop of every product to prevent your hair from drying. Rinse with cold water after shampooing and wash hair with lukewarm water after conditioning. Use a clean towel made from a cotton material to dampen your locks. It is advised that you must not use any hot tools for styling such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons. Instead, use a brush with soft bristles to prevent any falling hair strands.

    Hair loss is not the only problem to worry about when it comes to your hair and scalp. There are many more issues to watch out for such as dandruff, lice, and dry hair. If you want to keep your hair strands as healthy as they possibly can, you must give your hair the right nutrients and products for protection and growth. Start with your daily shampoos and conditioners and you will instantly spot the difference just by using the right ingredients for healthy hair growth.

    Do you want to find out the best products for healthy hair and strong locks? Learn what products can make your hair silky, smooth, and beautiful here.



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