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Hair Styling for Men

Dashing Hairstyles for Every Type of Men


Up for a new haircut? Man, you are lucky you just landed on the right roof. That’s right. This quick lesson on hair styling for men is what you need before you let any stylist even touch your hair. Learn about the secret to having a hairstyle that fits your face shape and hair texture. Get cool hairstyle options, plus hair tips on styling that’s essential for a good hair care for men.

Hair Styling for Men

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    How to Choose Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

    The first thing you need to look at when choosing the right haircut is your face shape. If you can’t tell the shape of your face, you can actually do the math with a ruler! Here’s a quick guide to illustrate for you:

    Round: Length is about the same as the width

    A round face needs a hairstyle with sharp angles and volume. The idea is to always try to elongate your face. Create a side part or make sides shorter and the top longer. Buzz cuts and fringes are your worst enemies because they make your face even rounder.

    Oval: Length is about 1.5 times longer than the width

    An oval face is a versatile canvass in hair styling for men. It suits almost all hairstyles except long fringes that create a rather round shape. Wear slicked-back hairdos or try sharp angles and volume for a more masculine look.

    Oblong: Length is over 1.5 times longer than the width

    A more elongated shape is an oblong face ala Adam Levine. Longer sides and layers on top complement this face shape. Style your hair with laid-back looks that simply let your hair down.

    Square: Length is about the same as the width, but the jaw is more angular

    Hair styling for men with a square face is no fuss at all. With sharp and angular features, this is the ideal face shape for men. It has a very masculine appeal that can handle any type of hairstyle, even a buzz cut!

    Diamond: Cheeks are the widest part of the face

    Ricky Martin and Johnny Depp are two of the most popular references of men with a diamond shape face. If you got this type of face shape, shorter hairstyles tend to accentuate your most prominent features.

    Triangle: Pointy chin with jaw significantly wider than the forehead

    The perfect example of a triangle shaped face is Ryan Gosling. While it can rock the undercut perfectly, the best hairstyle for this face shape is the side part, which Gosling often wears himself.

    Quick Guide to Men's Face Shapes

    How to Choose Hairstyles for Your Hair Texture

    Your hair texture also matters when deciding on a hairstyle. Some hair types may work for a particular hairstyle and some don’t. Pick a hairstyle that complements the texture of your hair.

    • Straight, Thin Hair: It has a wide range of options, but looks perfect with the very fashionable slicked-back style.
    • Straight, Coarse Hair: The best option is to get a cut that goes well with the hair pattern such a textured cut fringe.
    • Curly Hair: Today’s modern undercut looks flashy on a curly hair. If you want to stay classic, embracing your curls is the best way to go with a relaxed curl.
    • Wavy, Thick Hair: Wavy thick hair can pull off almost any hairstyle except slicked-back look since it’s quite hard to achieve with the waves. You’ll need a regular blowout every time. Otherwise, why not grow your hair shoulder length for a nice edgy look.

    9 Timeless Hair Styling for Men

    Healthy Hair Lifestyles gives you 9 different hairstyles that stood the test of time. Discover their unique features. Get essential hair tips on styling, plus celebrity style references you want to channel on your next haircut.

    Buzz cut or crew cut

    Buzz Cut

    If you need a low-maintenance style, then go for a buzz cut. All it takes is the magic of a razor “buzzing” all over your head. Others call this the “crew cut”. With less than an inch of hair, your daily hair prep routine surely goes fast track.

    Style References: David Beckham, Drake, and Will Smith

    James Dean and Elvis Presley with the Quiff


    The quiff is a style from the 50s that never gets out of fashion. This cool vintage look needs a daily and committed hair styling for men. It needs a cut that is longer at the front and shorter at the back. This requires you to have a thicker mane. Using pomade, the sides are slicked back, while the thicker front is combed straight up to create a fashionable puff.

    Style References: James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Robert Pattinson

    Textured cut with fringe

    Textured Cut with Fringe

    Are you the guy with a cowlick? Try a textured cut with a fringe. It’s the best hair styling for men that generally lets your hair place the way it wants to. This is a carefree style that doesn’t really want to look too groomed. Daily preps for this look will need a bit of texture enhancers like clay you can simply put with your fingers.

    Style References: Chase Crawford, Ashton Kutcher and Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho

    Relaxed curl hair styling for men

    Relaxed Curl

    Here’s the hairstyle made for all curly brothers out there. Let go of gels and straighteners. All you need is a rounder cut that allows your curly hair to do its thing. This frames your face perfectly especially if it got a more angular shape. If you got curly hair, own them!

    Style References: Orlando Bloom, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan

    Side swept hairstyle

    Side Swept

    A classic from the 30s and 40s, the side swept is a men’s hairstyle fit for a movie star. Combing your hair to one side creates a charming look that catches the eyes – and the heart of women! You will need a styling cream and fine tooth comb to part your hair at the side and swoop it into place.

    Style References: Cary Grant, Chris Evans, and Ryan Gosling

    Slicked-back hair styling for men


    The slicked-back hair styling for men was an explosive trend back in the 1920s. Since then, it has become a timeless classic. This looks best for men with straight hair because it’s easier to create the slicked-back finish. Well, that’s the whole point of this hairstyle. This look wouldn’t be as much flattering to a receding hairline though. For regular styling, you’ll need a blow dry, a pomade, and fine tooth comb.

    Style References: Sean Connery, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake

    Shoulder length cut for men

    Shoulder Length Cut

    A beach-ready textured look that never gets old is the shoulder length cut. By keeping your hair longer and adding some layers, you can have this versatile hairstyle that adapts to several situations. Using a texturizer, you can wear it loose for a rough rockstar-ish look. You can also slick back your hair for a clean look that fits formal occasions. Men with subtle waves definitely rock this hairstyle.

    Style References: Colin Farrell, Jackson Rathbone, and Chris Hemsworth

    Shaped afro also known as the "modern hi-top fade"

    Shaped Afro

    Take your afro to the coolest level! Try the shaped afro hairstyle, also known as the “modern hi-top fade”. Although it isn’t that versatile of a look, it extremely complements a kinky hair texture. It brings out a stylish and hip personality people won’t dare miss.

    Style References: Will Smith and Usher

    Pompadour hairstyle ala Bruno Mars


    Finally, here comes the father of all fashionable hair styling for men: the pompadour. With a hundred years of history that began in the 1750s, you can’t get any more classic than this! This versatile hairstyle comes in many lengths and variations. Men with different face shapes can wear it in a way that flatters them. The sides and back are usually cut shorter while the front and top are longer. This allows you to create height when styling with a hair dryer and a mousse.

    Style References: Bruno Mars, Liam Payne, and Adam Lambert

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