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Hair Products for Men

Every Guy’s Hair Product Essentials


Do you need to set your hair in a certain style? Did your hair go through some serious stress and need some quality treatment now? You can face your frets with the best hair products for men. There are all these options available in the market today you can actually choose from. But, the wide variety can be quite confusing. It might be trouble if you don’t know exactly what you need. That’s the purpose of this page, to give you a general overview of where things should be.

Healthy Hair Lifestyles gives you this list of the best hair products for men to help you rock every new hairstyle you want. Good hair care for men involves carefully choosing the products you put on your hair, including men hair products. They are narrowed down into two major types with the best examples for you.

Hair Products for Men

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    Hair Styling Products for Men

    Use men hair products for your everyday grooming needs. They help you tame unruly hair and put your style in place for the whole day. Whether on special occasions or regular daily walk at the park, these hair products for men will keep your style in check.

    Hair Wax

    A hair wax is a perfect product to use on a daily basis. Other names for hair wax include Putty, Molding Crème, and Styling Paste. It holds the hair with a medium strength that lasts without a greasy look and feel. It creates a shiny finish perfect for short to mid-length hair. Guys with straight or wavy hair can use it for a well-placed disheveled look. The lightweight solid texture of hair wax allows you to reshape and restyle hair using your fingers without the sticky feel.


    Very close to the hair wax is the clay. It has the same solid texture that ranges from smooth to thick, with medium hold, and a lightweight feel. What’s the difference? Clays contain natural clays ingredients like bentonite that helps cleanse hair impurities. Its unique expanding action increases the volume of hair without adding too much weight. This gives your look a matte to a semi-matte finish.

    A spiky hairstyle styled with wax

    Hair Gel

    A hair gel’s primary purpose is to hold hair in place. It often has the strongest hold and can be applied to wet or dry hair. It fits any hair type but it holds in various strengths: low, medium, and high. You simply have to choose the one you prefer the most. For curly hair, you normally want to keep it loose and bouncy. Hair gels are probably not the right hair products for men with curls. Also, you have to remember that they make hair really slick and stiff. This is not the best option if you love running your hands through your hair every time.


    The father of all styling hair products for men is the pomade. It’s the combination of the holding power of wax and the shine from a gel. It is the best for combed hairstyles like the slicked-back. It is also great for other sleek looks like a well-placed side part and a ducktail. Pomades work best for men with straight or wavy hair. Therefore, they are ideal styling hair products for men who want less hair movement but needs an extra shine.

    A side part hairstyle styled with gel

    Styling Cream

    A styling cream is not like any other styling hair products for men that have solid and waxy texture. Instead, a styling cream has a thicker liquid consistency similar to a shampoo. It makes hair super shiny without any hold. That’s why it’s perfect for guys with curly or wavy hairstyles. Applying this product helps tame all the frizz while adding extra shine. Your hair becomes soft and more manageable, giving a natural look.

    Leave-In Conditioner

    A leave-in conditioner is not a usual item you seem in many lists of the top hair products for men. Healthy Hair Lifestyles includes this on our list for our kinky-haired brothers out there. Kinky hair tends to go stiff, dry, and brittle. You need a leave-in conditioner to keep it moisturized all day. Try leave-in conditioners infused with natural ingredients such as argan oil. It very safe and nourishes hair to keep it strong and healthy.

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    Hair Treatment Products for Men

    Men’s hair is no tougher than women’s. In fact, there is no difference to the way their structure goes or how they are built. Thus, the same principles apply when it comes to damaging hair, regardless of gender. What sets them apart is the oiliness of the scalp. Men produce 50% more sebum than women, so their hair tends to be more oily. To all the men out there, here are the top recommended hair products for men to combat your common hair problems.

    Hair Mask

    Who said men don’t need hair masks? There are various types of hair masks with specific benefits for hair. The most popular one is the keratin treatment, which helps strengthen hair by infusing it with protein. This is particularly great for curly to kinky hair that is often naturally brittle.

    Dry and damaged hair benefits from a deep condition hair mask applied at least once a week. It penetrates hair right at the cortex so the moisture lasts. This is best for color-treated hair or damaged hair due to heat. You can avail of various hair masks offered in many salons or try it at home on a weekend for a relaxing spa-like experience.

    Argan oil for natural hair moisture

    Hair Oils

    Although men naturally have oily hair, curlier hair types need a little help on this. The curlier the hair, the more difficult it is for the natural oils to travel from the scalp to the hair shaft. Thus, the hair tends to be dry and dull. Men with this dry situation will benefit from using hair oils. Go for natural options such as essential oils.

    Nutrient-rich essential oils like castor oil, argan oil, and coconut oil are the best hair oils. They not only make hair shiny, they keep it healthy and strong as well. These essential oils also promote hair growth for thicker hair.

    Anti hair fall or hair loss solution

    Anti-Hair Fall or Hair Loss Solutions

    Men are more prone to hair loss commonly known as male pattern baldness. It’s a condition where hair follicles gradually shrink and never grows back. The person starts losing hair at the two sides of the forehead, resulting in a hairline with an M-shape pattern.

    Sometimes, when under stress or when having a poor diet, you may also experience occasional hair fall. To combat these hair problems, you can use various hair loss solutions available in the market today. Many anti-hair loss brands usually have a complete system that includes shampoo, conditioner, and a topical solution.

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