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Castor Oil for Eyebrows

How to Use Castor Oil for Eyebrows


Pretty girl having her eyebrow applied with castor oil using a mascara wand

One of the hottest additions to the hair care routine of women today is eyebrow thickening. And many are discovering the effects of castor oil for eyebrows. It naturally grows hair so it makes the eyebrows grow thicker too.

Over the years, eyebrow trends have changed gradually. And just like clothing trends, various brow shapes are fashion statements that go around in circles. Every era has its own definition of glamour. But everything from history just keeps coming back like the hair on your armpits!

In 1950’s, beauty icons like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor wore thick, dark brows. They were often drawn with a pencil to achieve a bolder shape. Now, the trend has returned and women – even some men – are doing everything it takes to get the look!

Now, off with the brow pencils and powders. There is no need to get an eyebrow tattoo even. To have naturally thicker brows, all you need is to use castor oil. Healthy Hair Lifestyles tells you how.

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    Effectiveness of Castor Oil for Thickening Eyebrows

    Perhaps, most skeptical users have one question in mind: “Can castor oil really make eyebrows grow thicker?”

    A catchphrase says, “You’ll never know unless you try.” But you don’t have to – because we are giving you the reasons why you should start using castor oil for eyebrows right now. Here are the things that explain why and how castor oil works on your eyebrows:

    Close-up shot of a girl with thick and well-defined eyebrows

    Moisturizes Hair

    Castor oil is known for its moisturizing effects on both hair and skin. Enough moisture is key to keeping hair healthy. It prevents hair from turning dry and brittle so they don’t snap easily. It conditions and hydrates hair too. Your hair stays smooth and glossy with regular use. Applying castor oil for eyebrows give them the same hair benefits that help in keeping them healthy as they grow.

    Strengthens Each Strand

    Hair loss is one of the reasons for thinning hair. The same thing applies to your eyebrows. If you got weak eyebrow strands, they are more prone to uprooting and breakage. This results in less volume and definition. By using castor oil for eyebrows, you can give it extra volume, shine, and length. It is rich in vitamin E and protein, which are nutrients essential for strengthening the strands. Applying the oil will improve the resilience of the strands to keep your eyebrows looking thick and defined.

    Encourage Growth

    Every drop of castor oil is mostly composed of essential fatty acids. It’s a great mix of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that both promote healthy growth of hair. About 85 to 95 percent of this composition is ricinoleic acid. It is castor oil’s active compound that fosters hair growth. It boosts blood flow at the hair roots to encourage faster growth of hair.

    Through this three-way action, castor oil actively works to make your eyebrows grow thicker. Got thin or over-plucked or waxed eyebrows? You can regrow thicker eyebrows with castor oil.

    Before castor oil became a trend for eyebrow thickening, it was already popular for naturally growing hair. It makes hair extra smooth and healthy, as it grows longer.

    Learn the best way to use castor oil for hair growth. It’s easy and works effectively with continued use.

    Castor Oil Eyebrow Thickening Serum Recipe

    While many use castor oil for eyebrows in pure form, you can also put a little spin on it by trying this new recipe. It carries the same benefits of pure castor oil but comes with added features and benefits from other nourishing ingredients.

    Empty mascara tube with applicator brush

    In this recipe, you will use coconut oil, which has a thinner texture than castor oil. It promotes hair growth and conditions hair as well. Putting these two essential oils together makes a powerful match. This recipe is very easy. You can actually do it at the comfort of your own home.

    Material You Need

    • Empty mascara tube
    • Pair of scissors


    • ½ teaspoon castor oil
    • ½ teaspoon coconut oil
    • 1 capsule vitamin E
    • ½ teaspoon glycerin (optional)


    1. Mix castor oil and coconut oil in the empty mascara tube.
    2. Make a small hole on one end of the vitamin E capsule using a pair of scissors. Squeeze content into the tube.
    3. You can add a few drops of glycerin to boost effects if desired.
    4. Close the cap and shake well.
    5. Your castor oil eyebrow thickening serum is ready to use. Apply on your eyebrows daily.

    How to Apply Castor Oil on Eyebrows

    You can use your homemade eyebrow serum or pure castor oil for eyebrows. Either way, this how-to guide will help you get desired results. Prepare the things you need and follow these simple steps:

    Materials You Need

    • Face cleanser
    • Eye makeup remover
    • Eyeliner brush, mascara wand or cotton swab (whichever is available)
    • Face towel or washcloth
    • Pure castor oil or your homemade eyebrow thickening serum

    Tools for applying castor oil to eyebrows


    1. Clean your face thoroughly. Use a makeup remover to wipe any traces of makeup, especially in the eye area. Any debris of makeup may get into your eyes and cause irritation.
    2. Wash your face using a gentle face cleanser that suits your skin type. Pat dry with a towel or washcloth.
    3. Take some castor oil eyebrow thickening serum using any available applicator. Be careful not to take excess oil to avoid dripping.
    4. Apply the castor oil eyebrow thickening serum to your eyebrows. Go in the direction of eyebrow growth to avoid pulling off the strands.
    5. Leave overnight.
    6. Repeat regularly until visible results.

    Best Time to Apply Castor Oil on Eyebrows and How Often

    Can’t wait to see the amazing results of using castor oil for eyebrows? Like any other beauty regimen, growing thicker eyebrows needs a little patience as well. With or without the use of growth enhancers such as castor oil, your hair needs time to produce hair that’s healthy and strong.

    You need to stick to a daily routine religiously. Visible results may start showing after several weeks of regular use. Have fun with using castor oil for eyebrows and make every application count.

    The oil also needs enough time to work on your eyebrows, so it is best to apply castor oil before bedtime. Leave it overnight to allow for maximum absorption and effects. Before you know it, you’ll get that big, bold eyebrows every woman wants.

    While women consider thicker eyebrows and longer eyelashes as assets that make them look more feminine, men take pride on facial hair or beards.

    Looking for the best way on how to grow a manly beard? Check out this link for tips on how to grow facial hair and how to do proper beard upkeep.

    Safety When Using Castor Oil for Eyebrows

    Castor oil suits any hair or skin type. So generally, there’s no major trouble about putting it on your eyebrows. However, you should be aware of how to properly handle and use castor oil product. A little care and correct usage go a long way. Take note of these safety reminders to help you out.

    Side Effects

    Since the eyebrows are near the eye area, you should take extra care when applying castor oil. The eyes are made up of very sensitive nerves and tissues. Letting any foreign material get inside your eyes could be risky. Watch out for the following symptoms when using castor oil for eyebrows:

    • Infection
    • Irritation
    • Redness of the eyes
    • Itchiness around the eyes


    To avoid these side effects or accidents, remember these precautionary measures:

    • Do not use castor oil if you are allergic or sensitive to it. If unsure, test your sensitivity with a patch test.
    • In case of sudden itchiness or burning sensation upon application, discontinue use immediately. Wash affected area with running water. Seek medical help if needed.
    • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of an accident, put affected area with the eyes open under running water to wash the product away. Go to an eye doctor if symptoms of serious eye irritation such as redness and stinging sensation persist.
    • Always use clean tools and materials. That includes your applicators, scissors, towels, and others. Anything that gets in contact with your product must also be free from dust or dirt buildup. Dirty tools can cause product contamination.
    • Store castor oil in a cool dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight and always keep the bottle cover tight. This keeps the oil’s natural properties intact and helps lengthen its lifespan.
    • Keep the castor oil product out of children’s reach to avoid accidental swallowing. Castor oil has strong laxative effects that may not be good for children when taken at high doses. Seek medical help immediately in case of accidents.

    Best Type of Castor Oil to Use and Where to Buy

    For everything else to work, the secret lies in choosing the best product to use. Look for a 100% cold pressed castor oil product. The label usually indicates whether it is cold pressed.

    Bottles of castor oil

    What makes cold pressed castor oil the best type of castor oil to use? Compared to other types of castor oil, it contains the highest amounts of nourishing compounds. Cold pressing does not employ heat or chemical solvents when extracting the oil from castor seeds. Therefore, the result is pure, natural, and chemical-free castor oil.

    Usually, the word “organic” on the label indicates this quality. Choose organic castor oil products with USDA seal. It indicates that the product is authentic and was made under the USDA set standards.

    To buy a high-quality castor oil product, go to pharmacies, beauty stores, and organic shops near you. Just make sure they are reputable sources that sell authentic goods. If going to a physical store is not possible, buy castor oil online. Visit trusted online stores such as Amazon or go to the brand’s official website.

    Want to find out the best hair brands to look out for? Check out Healthy Hair Lifestyle’s top picks of hair product brands.

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