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Hair Tools

How to Be an Expert of Cutting-Edge Hair Tools


Hair Tools

Raving about the latest Hollywood hairstyles of the season? Achieving those fabulous looks never gets any easier without the help of hair tools.

Hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons are the some of the most common ones to elevate your everyday look. These reliable assistants are super useful to any hair transformation. With their help and the best hair care practices, you are on your way to looking chic every time.

Be a smart user of these amazing tools. Having a good deal of information about them is so important. Healthy Hair Lifestyles is here to guide you. This page talks about the different types of hair tools. You will be familiar with the most common brands top hairstylists use today. Plus, find out the basic features you need to look for in buying your own. Gain the knowledge that leads you to right purchasing decisions.

Use these tools for your hair like an expert. Learn about all the benefits and uses of each tool. Get all the insights on the best practices to create effective hair styling experience. Be it for home use or professional level, anyone should know these basic techniques you will find here.

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    The Beginning of Tools for Hair

    Gorgeous celebrities often sport bouncy curls or ultra-straight hair. They give you a hint of idea why these hair tools are always trending. They simply transform your hair from blunt to a stunning look that turns heads! Until today, more and more manufacturers invest time and money for research and innovation. They want to keep revolutionizing the industry to offer people useful tools that are efficient and handy. How did it ever come to this point of extreme discovery? When did people even start using hair product tools?

    As early as 2.5 million years ago, brushes were a common working tool. Cave paintings of Altamira in Spain and Périgord in France show evidence that people use these brushes for painting. Later, similar brushes were used for hair grooming.

    The great-grandfather of the modern curling iron hails from the era of the Great Roman Empire. They use heated metal tongs to create waves or curls on both the head and the beard. On the other hand, long straight hair was popular in Ancient Egypt. They use heated flat iron plates run through the hair shaft. In the 1800s, two long handles were attached to the metal plates, with a scissor-like design. This improvement led to the hair straightening iron of today.

    In 1880 to 1900, people dried their hair with stoneware hairdryers. It works when filled with boiling water and brushed through the hair. From there, the modern-day electrical blow dryers gradually replaced it.

    Brunette being styled using flat irons and comb

    6 Breakthrough Hair Tools You Need to Try

    New and improved products are launched every minute. That may not be a definite statement, but seriously, many breakthrough hair tools are making their way to the hairstyle scene today. Some of them you probably haven’t heard of, but others are on the verge of replacing traditional options. Curling irons and blow dryers, for example, are incorporating hi-tech features, which are more convenient. Touchscreen, temperature sensor, and a rotating barrel – to name a few. Healthy Hair Lifestyles rounded up six of today’s groundbreaking hair tools you should try.

    1 | Curl Secret Tool

    The tool for creating perfect hair ringlets has finally arrived. The Curl Secret is a fusion of a rotating hair iron and a curling wand. To use it, you simply feed a section of hair into the tool, and after 30 seconds, you’ll get gorgeous curls with more uniform texture.

    2 | 3-Day Bender Curling Iron

    Curing iron has gone digital too! That’s right. The 3-day bender curling iron uses nano ionic technology to smooth and enhance shine. Digital temperature setting allows you to adjust how much heat you use. It is made with dual ceramic heating plates that create even steady heat within 60 seconds. And if you forgot to turn it off, don’t worry. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.

    It features a rotating clamp to make it super easy to get the perfect wave you want. With the traditional curling iron, you usually start at the ends but not with the 3-day bender. Clamp the top of the barrel close to your roots and twist until the full hair length is all the way around the barrel. It eliminates frizz in two basic steps – clamp and twist! Just clamp and twist.

    3| Curling Shells

    Curling shells is a wave and curl tool coated in ceramic. It delivers even heat without causing damage to hair. The toolset includes clam-shaped clips and a specially designed heated tray where each clip is heated. To use it, you simply have to wrap your hair around your fingers, then clip it in place to set. Create any size of curls by adjusting the size of the loop. It’s very quick and easy to use, you don’t necessarily need a stylist.

    Blonde woman with beautiful curls

    4 | Blowout Attachments

    How do you fake a blowout using a flat iron? With blowout attachments, you can get a blowout look without actually using a blow dryer. There’s no need to go to a salon to get a salon-quality blowout. Simply slide these attachments on your flat iron. The curved surfaces lift up the volume and give your ends a soft curl. There’s no need to juggle between a round brush and a blow dryer. With this simple attachment, create the body and movement of a professional blowout!

    5 | Ionic Switching Blow Dryer

    Featuring an ionic switch button, the ionic switching blow dryer gives you different options for styling. So if you want hair that’s really smooth and polished, go for the negative ions mode. And if you’re looking for more body, turn the switch to positive ions to volumize the hair. The black titanium component also makes hair drying even faster while it locks in moisture.

    6 | Touch Dryer

    Talk about the “touch” era – touchscreen televisions, monitors, and mobile devices. Now comes a touch hair dryer! It features a 3-inch color LCD touch screen where all the magic happens. Use this touch menu to adjust speed and temperature settings. You can even specify your hair type in it for a customized blowout.

    Woman with dark straightened hair

    Do you know what your hair type is? Find that out and discover tips and techniques on how to give the best care for different types of hair.

    Why Use Hair Product Tools

    Switch from one hairstyle to another swiftly with hair tools. You can create awesome curls with a curling iron or a super straight hair using straightening iron. Aside from giving you more versatility with hairstyling, what are the incredible benefits and effects of using hair product tools? Let’s find out.


    Instant Hairstyling – Quick and easy styling is today’s trend when it comes to everyday hair situations. Having a selection of various hair tools at home helps you change style without the aid of a stylist. It saves you time and money to go to a salon. By using grooming tools for hair, you can fix your hair in a matter of minutes, right when you need it.

    Saves Time and Money – Blow-drying your hair sure does make hair prep a lot easier. It is much faster than air-drying so you get more time to attend to other important things. You don’t want to go out of your house and let other people see your hair soaking wet. With a hair dryer, you’ll be ready to go to an appointment in no time.

    Flexibility – With readily available hair tools, create instant curls for a more bouncy and cute look. Or choose to standout with a super straight hair. Hair tools are especially useful if you’re the type who loves matching your look with the outfit.

    Tames Unruly Hair – Got frizz and flyaway? Control them using hair tools. One of the proven tricks to keep unwanted flyaway in place is by using a pair of blow dryer and a round brush. While holding the brush under locks of hair, aim the blow dryer in the downward direction (counter flyaway). Another option is to use a hair straightening iron for a more sleek finish.

    Blonde girl holding her frizzy hair


    Creating different looks using hair tools is fun and easy. It also impacts your overall personal presentation. Instead of just looking blunt and plain, you can accentuate your look by fixing your hair into a desired style.

    When going for a sleek look, you always want it to be well put together. Using a hair straightener adds more shine and smoothness that is more elegant and sophisticated looking. If you have fine thin hair, using a blow dryer will help you achieve volume. Use it with a brush to shape your hair bigger and bolder.

    Curly hair doesn’t mean it should be messy. With the help of a curling iron, a curly or wavy hair can look more chic. It gives you curls with neat bends that look dashing on your shoulders.


    Although hair tools help you achieve various hairstyles, the look is temporary. Once you wash your hair, it goes back to its normal texture and you need to use hair tools again to style. Sometimes, you can be caught in the rain or a humid day and lose it all.

    The most dreaded disadvantage of using hair tools, especially heating ones, is heat. Excessive heat can damage the hair. With repeated use, it strips off the hair’s protective layer, resulting to split ends and dryness. The hair eventually looks dull and unhealthy.


    Combat the drawbacks of using hair tools with these few tips. To enhance the longevity of a hairstyle, apply styling products that set the hair in place such as hair sprays or gels. For a sleek look, try a mousse to add extra shine. Never allow heating hair tools touch your tresses without protection again, ever! Make it a habit to apply heat protectant products on your hair before using heat styling tools.

    As a number one rule, avoid buying cheap hair product tools from untrustworthy sellers. Look for tools made with high-quality materials that won’t damage your hair. Pair them with effective hair products to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

    Bad Habits You Need to Stop When Using Hair Tools

    Curling and straightening tools are already putting your hair into some amount of pressure. Even with careful use and efforts to protect your hair, you tend to do certain things that are hurting your hair still. Here are some bad hair habits you may unknowingly do and need to break by now.

    Multiple Hot Tools

    Working your hair with a flat iron or curling iron after a blow dry can double up the damage. It’s like putting your hair into too much torture it couldn’t just stand. Try to be kinder to your lovely tresses with these tips and tricks.

    Instead of using multiple hot tools at one time, learn how to create volume or texture with a hair dryer alone. Pairing a blow dry with a flat paddle brush makes hair straighter. Using a round brush, on the other hand, creates waves and helps set your hair in the desired shape. Think you can style without heat? Try a heat-free styling technique such as braiding to create curls. While hair is damp, braid the hair and air-dry to set.

    A hairdresser's hand holding a hair dryer while the other hand is holding a hair brush to shape hair

    Brushing Wet Hair

    Hair brushes are great hair tools for everyday hair care habits. But make sure that it’s going to do you good than damage. Avoid brushing wet hair because it is more prone to breakage. Water swells the cuticles and stretches hair out. Applying tension by brushing causes the strands to pull out and snap. Protect your hair by using a wide tooth comb while conditioning during a shower. Start at the tips and work your way up. This helps pre-detangle your hair without damaging its ends. Then you can start brushing when your hair is about 80 percent dry.

    Using Dirty Tools

    Hair tools covered in hair, oil, dust, and product buildup are life-support for bacteria. Make it a habit to always clean or wipe your tools right after use. If that is not possible at the moment, try to schedule at least once a month to clean them.

    To keep your electrical hair tools in great condition, it’s important to clean them properly to get rid of sticky product residues. It’s sure not fun to use a greasy handle! When cleaning it, make sure the gadget is unplugged and cool before starting. Moisten a cloth or cotton with a little rubbing alcohol or an iron cleaner.  Avoid using water because it may cause rusting and damage your hair tools. If it’s a blow dryer, take the filter out and clean it with a small toothbrush. Use a mild soap then rinse with water. Also, never dip your hair tools in water because it may permanently ruin them.

    To clean your hair brushes and combs, use a thin tool such as a rat tail comb to pull out all the stuck hair in it. Then mix a baking soda and water or use a cleansing shampoo. Use it with an old toothbrush and gently get rid of the buildup and dirt at the bristles.

    Clean hair brushes with white bristles, red base, and black handle

    Want to find out the other things that ruin your hair? Discover what the major causes of hair damage are, how it happens, and what you can do about it.

    Safety in Using Tools on Your Hair

    Most of the modern tools today run with electricity. Before plugging your hair tool to any outlet, check for the voltage rating.

    Do not plug any appliance rated lower than the outlet. It will draw more power and burn the tool. Normally in the United States of America, electrical sockets supply electricity between 110 and 120 volts AC. If your tool is below this mark, don’t plug it! You wouldn’t want to end up burned to a crisp.

    There is also a downside when it’s the other way around. Plugging 220-volt hair tools on a 120-volt socket may take forever, especially with heating tools. Tools with motors such as hair dryers will not function as intended due to lower rotating frequencies.

    If unsure, contact the supplier or manufacturer of the device and ask for help. You can also seek advice from an electrical expert or professional. Stay safe!

    Selecting Styling Tools for Your Hair

    Do you want to get your own set of hair tools for styling, but are quite not sure what to pick? With many options that come in various brands and types, choosing the right hair tools could be quite daunting. Healthy Hair Lifestyles gives you four major things you need to look at when selecting styling tools for your hair.


    Although constant use of heat styling tools generally causes damage to hair, manufacturers have somehow found a way to minimize its damaging effects by using certain types of materials. Three of your best bets would be ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium-made heating hair tools.

    Ceramic gives uniform heat distribution while titanium heats-up quickly and is very lightweight. Uniform heat helps avoid burning your hair. And the quicker a tool heats-up, the lesser time you need to spend. Another material tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that makes the plates of iron smoother and gives off consistent heat. It makes the plates sturdier while releasing negative ions that make hair shinier and healthier.


    There are hair tools that are multifunctional such as a hair flat iron that can serve as curling tool as well. Aside from maximizing the usability of an item, it saves you space. Fewer items also mean less stuff to look after and upkeep regularly.

    While a multifunctional tool is great, it is important to look for the basic features you need from high-quality hair tools. Look for the temperature settings or adjustments buttons. It is crucial! Different hair types will require different levels of heat. Those with fine and fragile hair should always go for lower settings. In the case of coarse, thick hair, your styling tool should be able to provide high-temperature settings, as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


    If you want to ensure that you are purchasing top-notch hair product tools, look for ionic technology feature. Ionic technology creates and gives off negative ions that help eliminate static and frizz. The better result? – a smoother and shinier finish that surely catches attention.

    Newer technology such as auto shut-off and touch screen menu are currently emerging. These features are plus factors when selecting hair tools but aren’t really necessary. Don’t be shocked if these added conveniences come with a higher price tag.

    Hair styling with a brush and blow dryer with nozzle attachment


    Finally, check the quality of the product. Others may argue that the price or cost should be the last thing you should consider. Is it worth the price? – That’s the question people are probably going to ask before finally paying for a product. However, here at Healthy Hair Lifestyles, we value the health of your hair more than the wealth in your pocket.

    Sounds odd? Well, listen to this. A more durable casing and a complete set of attachments are features that can go a long way. A tough exterior will make your hair tools last longer rather than cheaply made ones. That comes with proper care and use of the hair tools of course! Also, check the item’s construction. That includes the joints, screws, and each part and pieces of the whole assembly. Are they well put together? Are there cracks? Do you find any difficulty when trying to operate it?

    Having necessary accessories to use the tools with gives you versatility too. When buying hair dryers, it should come with a diffuser that helps spread warm air, and a concentrator or a nozzle that focuses airflow in one area. Sometimes, it may include other hair tools such as brushes and combs to pair with it. If available, spare parts are great considerations too.

    Want to find out the best hair product brands out there? Discover the best hair brands and hair products to use with your hair tools to protect hair from damage.

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