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Curling Irons

How to Create Eye-Catching Curls That Last


Accentuate your look with feminine waves and curls. There are tons of hairdos you will want to wear each season. Some of them, you will only achieve with fabulous curls or waves. You can easily create them with curling irons. With awesome hair tools like this, you can definitely change your look in an instant! Have fun and go for that perfect “look-of-the-day” photo your friends and followers will be most excited about.

Curling Irons

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    What Type of Curling Iron to Choose

    Selecting among these curling irons depends on three things: your experience as a user, the ease of use you are willing to tolerate, and the kind of curls you want to achieve. Check out these hair curling irons and see which one you’ll need.

    Spring Curling Iron

    The most user-friendly type is the spring curling iron. It is easy to use, great for newbies to curling irons. The tool features a spring clamp that opens with a thumb handle and clips that keep the hair in place when released. Perfect For: Home use, especially for beginners

    Spring curling iron with green handle

    Marcel Curling Iron

    For a more professional option, you can work your way up to the Marcel curling iron. This is a bit harder to use but offers excellent styling control. Curling irons of this type are made with professional grade materials. Instead of a spring-operated clamp, it has a loose handle for better grip control. Although it is wonderful for professional use, any experienced user of curling irons can use it home. Perfect For: Salon use, especially for professional hairstylist

    Marcel Curling Iron

    Curling Iron Wand

    This type of curling iron gets rid of the clippers totally. It features a simple heating stick where you need to wrap your hair around instead of clipping and twisting. Some brands feature a conical shape while others come with a spiral shape. Sometimes you can create unique triangular curls with a triangle shaped stick. Healthy Hair Lifestyles recommends using a special glove to protect skin from burning. Perfect For: General use, but use it with care

    Curling Iron Waver

    Finally, if you want a gorgeous beach wave for a great night out, a hair curling iron waver is perfect for you. These curling irons feature two to three barrels that clip the hair to create a wave pattern. You need to hold flat each section of your hair for a few seconds between them. When finished, you will have wavy hair that is perfect for a party. Perfect For: Anyone who wants precise curls with wave pattern

    What is the Perfect Size of a Hair Curling Iron?

    When choosing the right size of a curling iron, you need to look at two things: hair length and the size of curls you want to have. As a rule of thumb, longer hair generally needs a larger curling iron. But, it basically depends on the kind of hairstyle you want to rock. Certain hairstyles like an afro benefits from small curls. A feathered hair looks fab with larger curls. Here’s a hair curling iron sizing table for your quick guide. Go ahead and share it with your friends who love curls too!

    • Short Hair: Needs a ½ inch to ¾ inch curling iron for tiny tight curls and a 1-inch curling iron for large loose curls
    • Medium Hair: Needs a 1-inch curling iron for small tiny curls and a 1 ¼ inch curling iron for large loose curls
    • Long Hair: Needs a 1 ¼ inch curling iron for small tiny curls and a 1 ½ inch curling iron for large loose curls

    Curling iron size chart

    Hair Products to Use with Your Curling Iron

    Like any other heat styling tools, curling irons are best used with hair products that protect your hair from damage. Healthy Hair Lifestyles suggests these hair product must-haves for a safe curling experience and more long-lasting curls.

    • Heat Protectant: This is the product you shouldn’t forget when using a hair curling iron… ever! Spray the product about 8 inches away from your head. Other heat protection products come in serum or leave-on form. Take your pick.
    • Texture Enhancer: Using a texturizing spray helps add volume, movement, and bend to your hair. Apply this product on your hair before curling. It’s perfect when you are going for a tousled hairstyle with a cool-girl look ala Emma Stone. It also helps absorb oil to keep your style last for a day or two.
    • Hair Spray: You can hold those elegant waves in place with a hair spray. Finish your look with a flexible hair spray that makes your curls last longer while keeping it soft and bouncy.

    Hair products to protect hair when using curling irons

    Most Effective Way to Use Curling Irons

    Need a cool hairstyle? A curling iron can create stylish waves and curls with your hair anytime you want. Be it a regular day or a special occasion, it’s one magical tool you can always rely on. Here’s how you do it right:

    1. Apply hair products such as a (very important) heat protectant and a texturizing spray for undone, cool-girl look (if that’s your style).
    2. Divide your hair into sections: the left, right, top, and bottom part. You should start at the bottom and curl your hair one bundle at a time.
    3. Take about ½ inch thick of hair to start. Note that working on a thinner piece of hair creates more curly results. If you are going for a sleek look, curl your hair in thicker bundles.
    4. Hold the curling iron vertically across the section of hair. Make sure the clasp is facing forward. Release the clasp around halfway down the length of the section of hair.
    5. Twist the hair curling iron in the direction away from your face. It should be clockwise if you are curling on the right side, or counter-clockwise if working on the left.
    6. Hold it for 7 to 15 seconds, depending on hair’s thickness.
    7. Loosen the iron’s grip by slightly pressing the clasp. Slowly slide the iron down until 1 to 2 inches are left at the end, then clasp the iron again.
    8. Twist the iron as you did before to curl the entire section. Hold it for 7 to 15 seconds as well, then release.
    9. Continue on the remaining sections with the same process until all done.
    10. You can finish off with a mild hairspray to hold the curls in place.

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