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Hair Combs

What Are These Hair Comb & Brush Really For?


Selecting which hair combs or brushes you need can be a bit confusing. Especially with so many types out there, you are up to an overwhelming mound of choices. Healthy Hair Lifestyles picked the most essential ones to narrow them to only the best. In hair care, picking the right hair tools can make all the difference. Let’s start finding the perfect hair combs and brushes to keep your every hair strand in its proper place.

Hair Combs

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    Types of Hair Combs

    Hair combs, just like your shampoos and conditioners, are the fundamentals of hair care. There’s no doubt about it. You use them every single day for a neat finish. They are often your prep hair tool before brushing. But, do you know what these various types of hair combs are really for?

    Wide Tooth Comb

    A wide tooth comb is a curly girl’s ultimate must-have. You need this tool to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Bring it with you when you shower to detangle your hair. Use it while applying your conditioner to make sure every strand gets the nourishment they need.

    Perfect For: Detangling curly hair

    Fine Tooth Comb

    If you are fond of sleek hairstyles, a fine tooth comb is for you. The narrow spacing of its teeth helps get the hair in place perfectly. Use it for final touches for a sleek finish you want. This is especially useful when creating those clean and classy red carpet looks.

    Perfect For: Creating sophisticated sleek hairstyles

    Rat Tail Comb

    You can easily distinguish a rat tail comb with its long, slender handle that resembles the tail of a – you guessed it – rat! This unique feature of rat tail hair combs makes sectioning easier. You can use it when creating cool hairstyles like braids. This is also a helpful tool when curling or flat ironing your hair. Even when sectioning during hair treatments, rat tail hair combs are pretty useful. Its narrow teeth allow you to smooth stray hairs and bumps too!

    Perfect For: Sectioning for braids, creating dramatic centers, or even zigzag parts on your hair

    Pin Tail Comb

    A close relative of the rat tail comb is the pin tail. They are similar in structure but the pin tail features a finer tail. This is especially useful for making precise parting. It is also the best hair tool for men who wish to straighten their shorter hair with a flat iron. When creating highlights, this precision tool allows for gathering just the right amount of strands.

    Perfect For: Precise parting of hair and creating blonde streaks/highlights

    Types of Hair Brushes According to Construction

    Hair brushes generally add shine to your hair because it helps distribute the hair’s natural oils. They help detangle frizzy hair to keep it looking tamed and well-groomed. You might wonder, why the many types? These brushes are specially designed for specific purposes. Here they are:

    Vent Hair Brush

    Go for the vent hair brush when you want a fast blow dry. Due to the vents, the air from hair dryers is able to pass through the brush and reach your hair. This speeds up your blow dry time.

    Perfect For: Quick blow dry, especially when in you’re in a hurry

    Paddle Brush

    Want to get rid of tangles on your thick, wet hair? The paddle brush is perfect for you. It has a large, flat base that can be rectangular or oval. When you use it, start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots.

    Perfect For: Detangling really thick, wet hair

    Half-Radial or Styling Brush

    A half-radial or styling brush is a curved brush perfect for styling hair. It creates volume at the roots and helps flip hair up or curl it under. You can use it with a hair dryer to achieve the hairstyle you want to rock anytime. This is very versatile because it fits all hair types and textures.

    Perfect For: Creating volume and styling hair

    Radial or Round Brush

    Round brushes are very useful when you have layered hair. It helps create that lift at the roots that make layered hair more bouncy and alive. It comes in different sizes from very small for tight curls to bigger ones for smooth waves.

    Perfect For: Grooming layered hair to create soft waves and smooth bounce

    Teasing Brush

    You often see big hairdos strutting down runways or gracing the pages of magazines. How did they do this? A teasing brush is the hairstylist’s best friend in creating this kind of look. Use this hair tool if you really want to add lots of volume to your hair.

    Perfect For: Creating big hairdos

    Types of Hair Brushes According to Bristles

    The bristles of your hair brush also matter. It’s another factor you should think about when picking one. Your hair brush’s bristles directly come in contact with your hair and your scalp. So, it greatly affects both their health and the results you want to achieve.

    Synthetic Bristle Brush

    Brushes with synthetic bristles typically cost less than the other types. Hair care experts discourage the use of this type of brush due to its stiff nature more likely to break the hair strands. So, this is definitely a no-no for fine hair. It is sturdier but it does not help in distributing hair’s natural oil.

    Perfect For: Thicker, coarser hair

    Metal Bristle Brush

    A metal bristle brush is the synthetic brush’s sister. The only difference is that it is made up of – you’re right – metal instead of plastic material. Since metal is not flexible at all, this type of hair brush can be too harsh on your scalp.

    Perfect For: Thicker, coarser hair

    Natural Bristle Brush

    Get softer bristles with a natural bristle brush. It is a little bit more expensive but it is gentler for on your hair and scalp. It is usually made with boar bristles that effectively smooth hair and distribute its natural oils along the shaft. This helps your hair stay healthy and shiny.

    Perfect For: Straight, wavy or curly hair

    Mixed Bristle Brush

    A hair brush with a combination of synthetic and natural bristles is simply perfect. It’s getting the perks from both types of bristles. It has the excellent detangling benefits of synthetic bristles and the shine-enhancing benefits of natural bristles. This just makes it perfect for all hair types.

    Perfect For: All hair types

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