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Hold, lift, and volume – three major results you want from using a hair dryer for a fabulous hairstyle finish. Hair tools like a hair dryer could be your everyday partner. It takes your hair from soaking wet to dry and ready in an instant!

Hair Dryer

You probably wonder what this topic (hair dryer) is doing on the page of Healthy Hair Lifestyles. Normally, “hair dryer” and “healthy” don’t go well just like water and oil due to “heat” involved. But, the use of hair dryers doesn’t necessarily have to cause you fear. Although generally considered as damaging, it still boils down to the proper selection of the right type as well as proper use of the hair dryer. As a tiny tip, you should also use heat-protecting products on your hair before a blow dry.

To start your safe and effective blow dry experience, see a full spectrum of the best hair dryers suitable for both expert and household use.

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    Different Types of a Hair Dryer

    As the saying goes, not all hair dryers are created equal. You must know them well and choose the best type to use. What sets them apart from each other?

    Ceramic or Porcelain

    Designed to Do: These types of hair dryers are designed to emit a gentler and more distributed heat as possible. It is not as excessive or damaging to hair as a regular hair dryer. The unique construction of this hair tool features a ceramic or porcelain coating over the heating elements. This not only helps regulate the heat but also evenly distributes it due to a very good conducting property. This prevents overheating on certain spots, which often leads to burning.

    Best Use: Ceramic and porcelain hair dryers are generally great for everyday use. It is best for people with normal to fine hair.

    Hair dryer used for styling


    Designed to Do: If a hair dryer is labeled “infrared”, the science behind it is longer energy wavelengths that penetrate the hair shaft. It dries the hair inside and out. The infrared heat it uses provides consistent heating to all areas of your hair. You can visually see this through an orange light coming from the nozzle. It’s deep penetrating heat increases blood flow and promotes new hair growth too.

    Best Use: Like ceramic and porcelain hair dryers, infrared hair dryer fits normal to fine hair. It creates an effect that relaxes and softens the hair.


    Designed to Do: What makes this hair dryer “ionic”? Ions are particles with a negative or positive charge that interact with chemicals. An ionic hair dryer releases negatively charged ions. These negative ions interact with the positively charged water molecules on damp hair. They break them apart into smaller particles, thereby accelerating the drying process. It also reduces the build-up of static electricity that causes frizz on your hair.

    Best Use: It is best to use an ionic hair dryer when you’re going for a sleek hairstyle than volume. This type of hair dryer is a staple in many salons across the globe. It improves the texture and shine of hair as it dries.

    Hair dryer used on fine hair


    Designed to Do: Although more expensive, tourmaline hair dryer is generally an upgrade of the ionic type. It throws off more negative ions that make hair shinier and dry even faster. World-renowned online magazine Glamour even described tourmaline dryers as “ionics on steroids”. It features tourmaline on the insides, as either the base mold or coating of the heating element. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral, which creates abundant negative ions when exposed to heat. Due to the rarity of this gemstone, the price typically soars higher than ordinary hair dryers do.

    Best Use: Got hair that takes forever to dry? A tourmaline hair dryer is perfect for you. Test results reveal that they can cut drying time to almost half than that of ionic hair dryers. People with thick and curly hair benefits from this hair dryer the most.


    Designed to Do: A more lightweight option of hair dryer comes with a titanium material. Leading manufacturers claim that it is 40% lighter than regular hair dryers. It is the smartest way to avoid turning your blowout into a workout for your arms. Like other high-performance hair dryers, a titanium type has a steady temperature that dries hair faster.

    Best Use: Since titanium hair dryer heats up very quickly, it is best for people with thicker hair.

    White hair dryer with folded handle

    Features to Look For

    Considering the fact that hair dryers could be expensive, spending your money for a hair dryer could be quite a luxury. Try to check the product before purchasing it, so you get a high-performing hair dryer that meets your expectations. You want its quality to be tantamount to what you’re paying for. Here are the key things you need to look at when looking for the best hair dryer:


    Check for the wattage of the tool. Ideally, the higher the watt rating, the faster the more powerful the dryer is. That means it will take less time to dry your hair. Unfortunately, it comes with higher electricity consumption and bills! So, look for a hair dryer that falls within 1300 to 1875 watts. It is the best range for anyone, even for home use.

    Heat Adjustment

    Different hair thickness may need different levels of heat. High heat is best for thick and coarse hair, while thin and weaker hair benefits from a lower setting only. Sometimes, when hair is damp instead of wet, setting the hair dryer in low mode helps prevent over-drying and damage. Look for a hair dryer with heat adjustment buttons.


    Using the right hair dryer accessories makes easier hair styling. A diffuser is essential mostly for curly-haired girls because it spreads out the warm air. It also adds body and bounce to naturally wavy hair. A concentrator is the opposite. It directs and focuses the outflow of air instead of spreading it. Others call it a nozzle, best used with a rounded brush make hair straighter or add some soft waves. Check if the hair dryer you plan to purchase has these awesome attachments to help you on your next hair styling duty. Other brands may bonus accessories like a stand, comb, brush or retractable cord.


    Noise may not be that of a concern for many. But, did you know that long exposure to the scourging sound of a hair dryer could result in hearing problems? According to the American Hearing Center, a hair dryer has a noise level of 80 to 90 dB, which is considered to be very loud. Go for the quieter hair dryers available in the market today.


    High quality makes all the difference when it comes to durability, speed, and effective reduction of frizzes. How are you going to know this? When buying at department stores or shopping malls, it is easier to assess because you can touch and see the actual product. You can check the label too. For online buyers, the multitude of review sites and forums are a big help. Look for trusted reviewers and see what they have to say.

    It is advisable to find out what the device is made of: Is it a tough material? Does it have toxic side effects? With this and the other features in mind, you’re on your way to finding the best hair dryer you need.

    Features of a good hair dryer

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