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Natural Hair Treatments

Natural Ways to Keep Hair Healthy


Are you looking for opportunities to go green? If that is confusing, going green is simply practicing green living. It is a lifestyle that helps preserve and protect the planet and its inhabitants. There are many green living ideas that can help bring out the inner naturalista in you. You can start with simple baby steps on your personal care such as using natural hair treatments.

Many beauty store isles today are filled with thousands of hair treatment products of different types and brands. With this wide selection, choosing could be tricky. This page explores the natural options. Discover their benefits and effects with some great examples.

Natural Hair Treatments

How to Use Argan Oil as Natural Treatment

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    Hair Care Tips for Green Living

    For centuries, nature has always found a special way to provide for people. Therefore, it is likely to take care of it, to sustain it. There are many daily life aspects where you can actually practice green living, including hair care. Here are a few simple tips that come with a big impact on the environment.

    Go Chemical-Free

    You can use chemical-based hair products or use natural hair treatments that are more environment-friendly. Regular hair care necessities like shampoos and conditioners come in variants made from 100% natural ingredients. They do not contain synthetic compounds to enhance the product texture, color or odor. All ingredients must be products of organic farms. They do not involve any artificial pesticides or growth enhancers.

    Many regular hair care brands contain harmful substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Toxic compounds such as this are known causes of cancer. They affect the health of skin, liver, and other body organs.

    There are many natural products for hair care available in the market today. Look for shampoos and conditioners formulated with natural ingredients like argan oil and coconut oil. Get these green living essentials from health stores near you or order online. Online stores like Amazon are the most convenient and best way to go.

    Toxic chemicals

    Use Pure Essential Oils

    Essential oils are plant extracts that typically carry some of the important properties of the plant it was taken from. This includes but not limited to taste, color, and odor. Healthy nutrients also come with it. Most importantly, it acquires high concentration of the plant’s healing benefits important for health.

    Many essential oils, especially those derived from seeds like castor oil and argan oil are great hair care products. They are naturally rich in moisture and essential fatty acids that promote healthy growth of hair. Coconut oil is also an excellent conditioner that helps maintain a soft hair texture. Regular application of these oils results to lustrous hair.

    There are many ways to use essential oils for hair. Essential oils are natural hair treatments you can apply on a regular basis. Try combining 1 tablespoon argan oil, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, and 3 tablespoons castor oil in a small jar. Use the mixture as if a weekly hot oil treatment on hair and scalp. This makes hair soft smooth and deeply nourished.

    Pure essential oils

    Conserve Energy

    Let your hair tools down! Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons are common heat styling tools for hair. Frequent heat leads to dry brittle hair. If you can’t totally avoid them, at least minimize the use of these hair tools. Apart from giving your tresses some breathing air, you are helping the world campaign for energy conservation.

    From oil to natural gas, production of energy has become harder to produce. This is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide and a large number of greenhouse gasses in the surroundings. Do your part by giving these electrical hair tools and your hair a break.

    Blow drying

    Opt for Home Remedies

    Create at-home solutions for hair that are efficient and easy to do. Many homemade remedies make great natural hair treatments. Using ingredients found in the kitchen, you can create luscious masks and conditioners for hair. This saves you not only money but a lot of time and effort as well. Absolutely no salon appointments needed!

    The best thing about homemade natural hair treatments is that they are 100% eco-friendly. Imagine, you can have an efficient hair care without harmful chemicals. Some substances from chemical-based hair products upon rinsing go to water drains that normally run to the natural bodies of water. It affects living organisms in rivers and seas. Using natural solutions is a way to support marine life preservation.

    Check out 7 amazing homemade hair treatments put together for you. Try them at the comforts of your home, on the best schedule you prefer.

    Homemade hair treatments

    Natural vs. Organic Hair Treatments

    With the terms “organic” and “natural” almost meaning the same thing, a little confusion exists. These terms are rampant in many products. That includes food, skin care, and of course hair care. Which one should you choose? What sets natural and organic hair treatments apart from each other? Healthy Hair Lifestyles will give you the details.

    Organic hair treatments are probably easier to detect than the other. Organic products often have a USDA seal on its label. It means that the product was made using strict farming and production standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is the best way to verify the product you plan on buying. This means it is free from toxic chemicals such as pesticides. The ingredients are grown without using artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.

    Natural hair treatments have almost the same characteristics. It is made from ingredients that come in nature and not from a laboratory. The processes involved are minimal to keep the natural properties of its components. You can often tell a natural product with the word “natural” typically stamped on its label. If not, try looking at the ingredients list. Natural hair treatments should not contain toxic chemicals like parabens and even fragrance. If there’s a smell to the product, it must be from a natural source such as fragrant plant extracts.

    Beautiful hair with green living

    Benefits of Using Natural Hair Treatments

    Using natural hair treatments not only benefit you as a user. It is also a little effort with a huge impact towards bringing back the health of the planet. Here’s a quick rundown of the awesome perks of going green with hair care:

    1. Saving your hair from the torture of chemical-based treatments
    2. Conserving energy while avoiding hair damage due to hair tools
    3. Making cost-effective and wise time management decisions with home remedies
    4. Helping preserve the marine life with natural products

    Embody the attitude of a true naturalista. Make intelligent decisions that matter while achieving the beautiful hair you want.

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