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Hair Treatment Products

Best Products to Transform Your Hair


Do you need a fabulous hair transformation? Choose among various hair treatment products available in the market today. Get the benefits of these hair products that build your confidence as it transforms your hair.

You can do a hair transformation anytime of the year. There could be many reasons why you want to have it. A new job may inspire you to get a new hair color. It is a perfect time to get a haircut that matches a new environment. Sometimes you may just want to experiment and try a drastic change that gets you noticed. Whatever the reason is, changing your hair always brings out a different or a better persona in you.

Hair Treatment Products

Every hair treatment is unique. Each type of hair treatment may target specific hair issue or create varying effects. So, it is very important to get this in the bag. Depending on your hair type and desired results, you should know which type of hair treatment products to choose and which ones to avoid.

You are lucky because Healthy Hair Lifestyles is here to show you the way.

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    What is a Hair Treatment?

    Hair treatment is the process of altering one’s hair color, shape or texture. This is done to achieve a certain look or style of hair. It uses hair treatment products that commonly come in the form of creams. They are typically applied on hair and left for a few minutes to an hour to take effect.

    There are hair treatments that elevate or enhance hair by adding extra brilliance and bounce. Other hair treatments totally change your look. Some products create luscious curls and elegant waves from a straight hair. Other products stretch even the kinkiest type of hair for a long edgy straight hair.

    Hair Treatments vs. Conditioners

    Treatments, especially moisturizing treatments, are often confused with conditioners. This is because both a moisturizing treatment and a conditioner give hair instant softness and smoothness. However, the difference lies in how they work on the structure of your hair strands.

    Conditioners are surface acting. They provide temporary protection to the hair with a thin film that gives hair smoothness and strength. Every time you wash your hair, you need to apply conditioners to supplement the natural oils stripped off by the shampoo.

    On the other hand, hair treatments are deep penetrating. They work on the inner structure of your hair to reconstruct and rejuvenate it. It may contain protein, moisture or tint, deposited on your hair strands.

    Creamy texture of hair treatment solution

    Reconstructing vs. Restorative Hair Treatment

    Speaking of rejuvenation, there are hair treatment products that specifically restore damaged hair. There is a big difference between these two. This page talks about hair treatment products that reconstruct the hair to change its color, texture or shape. It enhances or changes your hair type. A restorative hair treatment on the other hand specifically aims to bring dry dull hair back to life. It is meant to undo something basically, like fixing damaged hair.

    Learn how to fix hair damage and the different types of hair treatment for damaged hair. Healthy Hair Lifestyles gives a lot of incredible insights you need.

    Top 5 Popular Hair Treatment Products

    Do you want to know the hair treatment that fits you? Here are six sensational types of a hair treatment available in the market today. Many top hair brands and salons worldwide offer these popular hair treatments. See how each of these types of hair treatment products work to help you decide on your next big hair transformation.

    Keratin Hair Straightening

    Permanent hair straightening is one of the oldest types of hair treatment products. Until today, this hair treatment is a staple in many hair salons. One of its widely used types is Keratin Hair Straightening. Others call it the “Brazilian Blowout” or “Brazilian Keratin Treatment”.

    Natural protein keratin makes up hair. This technique adds a coating of keratin to your hair shaft, leaving it silky straight. This is generally safer compared to other techniques. You can use it even for damaged or chemically treated hair. It applies a keratin solution on the hair, then using a flat iron seals in the formula. This sets the hair in a straight shape while promoting a super soft and silky texture.

    Keratin hair straightening

    Japanese Hair Straightening

    Have you noticed the ultra-straight hair of Japanese women? If you wonder how to achieve their look, listen to this. The secret is the Japanese Hair Straightening technique, also called Thermal Reconditioning. This technique uses both chemicals and heat. The solution loosens the protein bond of hair and reshapes the hair cells. Later, the hair undergoes extreme heat to restructure the bonds to a straight shape.

    Sounds interesting? Before getting a Japanese Hair Straightening service or product, make sure that your hair is not chemically treated. It irritates scalp, resulting in hair loss! Once you get this treatment, you cannot curl your newly treated hair. So, if you constantly like changing hairstyles, you should think about it before having it.

    Japanese hair straightening

    Hair Rebonding

    Got problems taming wavy hair? Hair rebonding is another hair straightening technique that turns curls into sleek and shiny hair. This uses a cream softener that breaks the hair bonding structure. Then a neutralizer bonds them back into a straight hair structure. Thus, the name “rebond”.

    Perming or Perm

    After different hair straightening techniques, here is the opposite: Perming. Perming or simply “perm” works similarly with straightening. It involves chemicals applied on hair to soften its structure. The only difference is that hair is wrapped around forms others refer to as curling rods. After soaking in the solution for a specified amount of time, the hair swells and softens, then molds around the shape of the molds, creating curls. A neutralizer rejoins the hair structure. The size of the forms determines how big or small the curls or waves are!

    Hair perming

    Hair Coloring

    Dying of hair has been more relevant for covering gray or white hair. Today, with the coming of new hair trends, hair coloring becomes a part of creating interesting fashion statements. The mermaid hair trend in 2016 uses bold and striking pinks, blues, and purples. This 2017, you can see many celebrities sporting the ombre hairstyle. It displays a seamless transition of lighter shade from a darker shade of hair.

    Hair coloring

    How to Get Instant Hair Treatment

    Looking for an instant hair transformation to elevate your look? You have two ways to get it done.

    Go to a Professional Hairdresser

    Getting a hair treatment that especially reconstructs hair structure involves the use of hair treatment products. It needs exact mixtures and ratio of solutions to achieve the desired result. Your professional hairdresser generally applies hair treatments, so he or she must be an expert on this. It is also the best and most convenient option. Salons got complete sets of hair tools and equipment for a total salon experience.

    Do It At Home

    If going to a hair salon seems to be too costly or you just don’t have the time to spare a visit, this is for you. Have an instant hair treatment while at the comforts of your home. All you need is to buy hair treatment products for your desired type of treatment. They are available on various beauty stores or online shops.

    Try using oil-infused hair products. Argan oil shampoo and conditioner products help treat hair damage. They provide essential fatty acids and nutrients that restore hair strength and shine. There are many benefits in using argan oil-infused products compared to regular shampoos and conditioners on the market.

    Remember that chemicals weaken the hair. You need more care and attention when trying to do it at home. Read the labels when picking the product to makes sure it’s the right one. Follow the instructions when using the product too.

    Apart from the knowledge of using it, it is important that you have the necessary tools and equipment. Some hair treatment products may come in a kit, complete with application tools. This is something you need to keep in mind for an effective hair treatment.

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