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Salon Hair Treatments

6 In-Salon Treatment Faves Right Now


Undecided whether to see a hair care expert or not? Something must be holding you back. Probably you fear that the price won’t fit your budget, or you are just unsure of the right services you need. Different types of salon hair treatments do have varying procedures and give specific results. Find out the reason that would make you want to visit a salon today. Also, see what hair treatment services clients are in love with and always come back for.

Salon Hair Treatments

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    Why Visit Salons for Hair Services?

    It’s true: Many homemade hair treatments work amazingly well to nourish and strengthen hair. Apart from being readily accessible and cost-effective, they are naturally good for hair care. That makes you second-guess a trip to the salon near you, right when you’re about to leave. So what should compel you to visit the salon?

    Like a severe acne treatment a dermatologist can heal like you never could by yourself, sometimes it’s worth seeing a hair specialist. In salons, experts can look at the condition of your hair and scalp. They can assess your hair needs and give the most appropriate solution. Plus, stylists have the access to necessary tools and equipment you may not have at home.

    If you are guilty of hair crime, try visiting a salon today. It’s a luxurious experience that will ideally give you stronger and shinier hair that lasts.

    Most Selected Hair Treatments in Salons

    Wondering what in-salon hair treatment suits you best? Find out with these top salon hair treatments making noise right now.


    Best For: Damaged, colored, and brittle hair

    Key Steps: Hair stylists typically offer Inphenom to salon clients right after a new color treatment. It comes in five steps that last for about 30 minutes. Each step is a prerequisite of the following step, so the process really needs the careful attention you only get from professionals. It opens the hair shaft to deposit various ingredients, like amino acids and proteins. The first three steps are applied and rinsed with a shampoo. The last two steps use heat and leave the product on. It closes the cuticle of your hair to protect the color and lock in moisture.

    Expected Results: Get gloriously glossy hair that stays vibrant for much longer. Inphenom treatment helps repair damage and breakage with its deep-penetrating action. It makes hair tougher due to added proteins. Once you experience the results, you’ll see why people love it.

    Inphenom for colored hair


    Best For: Discolored hair due to build-up

    Key Steps: Your hair stylist begins by mixing a vitamin C-based powder with warm water and applies it to your hair. Hair is allowed to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. A rinse follows to remove the stains and dirt build-up on your hair. The Malibu treatment is milder than other salon hair treatments. It deeply cleanses the hair. That’s why hair experts often use this on clients for removing residues to prime their hair for major treatments.

    Expected Results: The Malibu treatment removes mineral deposits on hair such as chlorine you get when you go for swimming. It strips off copper from tap water or even stains from tinted hair products. This treatment is a gentle way of deeply cleansing your hair. Discolored blonde or bleached hair gets the most benefits from this treatment.

    Malibu for discolored blonde hair

    Linkage Meu

    Best For: Limp and dull hair

    Key Steps: In a maximum of 15 minutes, this hair treatment deeply hydrates your tresses. Three different hydrating formulas are applied. Like any other deep-conditioning treatments, it coats your hair with moisture perfect for coarse hair. Your stylist will typically give you booster vials for your weekly upkeep.

    Expected Results: Any hair texture can transform with rich salon hair treatments like this. It leaves hair soft and smooth. The take-home product for a weekly regular application helps keep the results last for up to five weeks.

    Limp and dull hair get Linkage Meu treatment

    Kérastase Fusio-Dose

    Best For: Dull hair prone to breakage

    Key Steps: First, a special camera takes a super up-close shot of your hair strands. Your hairstylist uses this image to diagnose the hair problem you have and comes up with the proper formula and dose of the solution. Hair is washed and towel-dried. The stylist applies the solution to your hair by section. Using heat helps the formula penetrate deeply. Then, it finishes off with rinsing.

    Expected Results: Unimaginable softness: That is the first thing you will notice upon touching your hair. It also becomes visibly stronger and lustrous like those you see in hair commercials.

    Kérastase Fusio-Dose for dull hair


    Best For: Irritated and itchy scalps

    Key Steps: This salon treatment comes in two parts: scalp treatment and hair treatment. It starts with a head massage using a soft scalp brush to help loosen dead skin cells. Hairstylist applies Astara oil to the scalp afterward. You’ll receive a head massage for 10 to 15 minutes to boost blood circulation in the scalp. Later, he or she rinses and dries your hair. Follows the second part: A hair-nourishing mask is applied to the tips and mid lengths of hair. Heat boosts the efficiency of the second treatment. Finally, the hair is rinsed with shampoo.

    Expected Results: Gentle treatment for scalp is the name of the game. It calms itchiness and irritation due to clogged pores. It helps effectively remove build up and flakes on your head. The increased blood flow promotes hair growth too. This is one of the best salon hair treatments that deeply cleanses both the scalp and hair.

    Rinsing hair after Astara treatment


    Best For: Colored and bleached hair

    Key Steps: Like Astara, Olaplex hair treatment also consists of two steps. Your hairstylist will do the process on you at the shampoo bowl, either on dry or damp hair. The first application sits for 5 minutes. The second application follows, where stylist combs the solution through the hair shaft. It sits for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing. Your hairstylist washes, conditions, and dries your hair for a finish.

    Expected Results: Olaplex helps rebuild and strengthen the hair. Like many salon hair treatments for hair repair, it targets the broken bonds of hair structure. This is perfect for colored or bleached hair, which typically turns weak after some time. Your hair becomes stronger again inside and out.

    Brittle hair that needs Olaplex treatment

    How Much to Spend on Salon Hair Treatments

    Most people try to avoid salon visits as much as they can for fear of one thing: the crazy-expensive bill by the end of the hair treatment. That’s why many resort to over-the-counter products. But, the special attention and expertise that a hairstylist gives you are what really matters.

    Most salons may charge 75 dollars for Olaplex and 30 dollars for a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment. Inphenom typically ranges from 75 to 85 dollars. This is only to give you an idea and avoid shock value upon receipt of your salon bill later. The prices of all these salon hair treatments normally vary among different hair shops. The level of expertise of your hair stylist also affects the price. You would normally pay higher for a senior stylist. Try to visit at least two of your favorite hair salons today to compare prices. Go for the one that offers top-notch services without compromise to the health of your hair. Happy hair salon hopping!

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