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Healthy Hair

How to Have and Maintain a Healthy Hair


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Hair is a crowning glory that gives us pride and confidence. Who doesn’t want flowing and bouncing tresses? Women have it on their wish list – to get hair that screams lustrous and shiny. But not all of us are gifted with such treasures. Some of us have to pursue a healthy hair care journey. Even Rapunzel have to brush her locks to get its silky smooth texture. It wouldn’t withstand the weight of a person with frizzy strands, will it?

If you want to know more about how to strengthen a healthy hair so that it is less prone to breakage and damage, then Healthy Hair Lifestyles is just the place for you. Open the door to a whole new world of hair products, styling tips, and brands that offer a wide array of items just for your needs. Of course, you’ll pick up a trick or two when it comes to taming wild hair.

Taking care of one’s hair is an art that requires delicacy and skills. But that’s not all. Just like any artisan, to master one’s craft, you should have the instruments to make a masterpiece out of your tresses. Only the best products and tools should make the cut when it comes to daily nourishment and styling. The basics of every hair care also lie in how effective and safe your products are.

Get Rid of Dandruff on Your Hair

Tips on How to Make Hair Grow Healthy

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    Getting Intimate with Hair Care Secrets

    To win over the everyday battle of hair care, get intimate with the secrets that lie behind each lock of hair. From the basics such as cleansing, nourishment, and moisturizing – learn how to handle and manage the tresses for a good hair day.

    Woman in a hoodie with soft brown hair

    Know some expert healthy hair tips on how to keep the locks vibrant and strong. The foundation of every hair care starts with knowing just what your tresses need. To restore and keep the luster of your hair, you need to make changes from the inside and out. To begin with, here are fun and useful facts about hair that will certainly help you understand hair care a bit more.

    • The scalp holds an average of 120,000 strands of hair. That is equal to about 1,000 hair strands per square inch. Now, that’s a lot of hair you need to upkeep every day – especially if you are a blonde.
    • Why? Blondes have the most number of hair than any other hair color. It averages to about 140,000 strands. In comparison, redheads have the least – growing about 90,000 strands.
    • Cutting or shaving your hair in the hopes of growing it faster is feeble. Sad but it’s true. The rate of hair growth is not determined by the number of times you trim your hair in a month. It greatly depends on many factors such as age, hormones, and seasonal changes. More importantly, your personal health, diet, and stress levels affect hair growth and hair loss as well.
    • Hair texture is very important, especially when choosing hair products. Blonde hair is the finest hair texture so it needs a bit more delicate hair care routine. On the other hand, the most coarse hair texture is black hair. It would benefit from a regular deep-conditioning treatment that keeps hair soft and shiny.
    • When wet, a healthy hair strand should stretch an additional 30% of its normal length. Frequent washing may not be a good idea if you have weak or brittle hair. You need to use hair products that keep it strong to avoid breakage.
    • The normal rate of hair growth, hair thickness, and color depends on your genes. Therefore, hair varies from person to person. Even the hair on the other parts of your body that you would normally want to conceal is predetermined by your genetics.

    Want to know how to grow hair faster than normal? Find out the most effective ways to do it. Learn tips on the products and everyday habit you should keep to get that long healthy hair you’re looking for.

    Understanding the Science of Hair

    Before going any further on this ride to healthy hair, why not see the science behind hair first? Gaining a better understanding of your hair’s natural makeup can help you make informed choices about hair care and styling.

    Know what hair is made of and how it thrives on your head. It’s like understanding its way of living. By doing so, you are beginning to see what things you should avoid, as well as the things you will need to do. And only then can you give your hair the best care it needs.

    Woman pulling her long and strong hair

    Hair Structure

    The anatomy of hair is common to all hair throughout the body. It is made up mostly of keratin, the same component animal’s horns, hooves, feathers, beaks, and claws are made of. Keratin is actually a tough protein that gives structure to each strand of hair. It’s the same protein found in your fingernails and toenails.

    Every hair strand sticks to your head with the help of a hair follicle. The follicle works as the anchor of hair fiber into the skin or scalp. At the base of the follicle is a hair bulb where living cells produce or grow hair. Blood vessels feed nutrients to these cells at the bulb. They also deliver hormones that adjust the rate of hair growth at different stages of life. Within the scalp or skin, sebaceous glands provide natural oils to moisturize and protect the hair.

    A healthy diet is therefore crucial for maintaining a healthy hair. Nourishment from the food you eat affects not only your body on the inside but also on the outside. Proper nutrition reflects on the beauty of your hair as well as your skin.

    Hair Layers

    A single hair strand consists of three layers. The outermost hair layer is the cuticle, which is a transparent layer of overlapping cells that protect hair. It has a scale-like arrangement that you can’t actually see, but can quite feel. Do you notice how your fingers glide more smoothly on your hair from roots to ends? When you do it in the opposite direction, it tends to resist motion. It’s because, in the latter, you are actually running your fingers against the scales.

    Too much heat from styling tools can damage the hair cuticles and harsh chemicals can even penetrate through it, reaching its deeper layers. To prevent hair damage, take a proactive approach of scheduling a regular restorative hair treatment at least once a month, or depending on what your hair needs.

    Inside the cuticle is the cortex, a thick layer that contains the pigment melanin. It determines your natural hair color and makes your hair curly or straight. When applying hair dyes or hair straightening treatments, the products are actually working on your cortex.

    Finally, found at the innermost center is the medulla. Composed of round cells, this layer is also referred to as the hair marrow. It is responsible for reflecting light to create shine on your hair. That’s why it is more common that thick or coarse hair have medulla while blonde and fine hair don’t.

    Hair Components

    About 91 percent of a hair fiber is protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, including those protein found in your hair. Different chemical elements form bonds to create these amino acids. The amount of these elements in hair is as follows:

    • Carbon – 51%
    • Oxygen – 21%
    • Nitrogen – 17%
    • Hydrogen – 6%
    • Sulfur – 5%

    6 Noticeable Signs of Healthy Hair and Scalp

    How can you tell if your hair is healthy? Getting compliments from adoring people is one thing, but pointing certain telltale signs yourself is another. Look at a few factors to determine whether your hair and scalp are in good shape. Knowing that your hair is alright will not only ease your mind. It boosts your confidence as well!

    Woman flipping her shiny, smooth, and strong hair


    Hair shine is the result of a smooth hair shaft. The hair looks shiny if the scales of the cuticle form an even surface along the strand. When the hair is damaged, these scales flare up and no longer reflect the light. Though not seen by the naked eye, damaged hair shafts are rough and ridged. It is therefore dull and lacks the luster you would normally want.


    Shiny hair is often paired with a smooth touch. The term “silky smooth hair” comes from the combination of these two qualities of healthy hair. You just love working your fingertips through smooth tresses, don’t you? It gives you confidence with every glide. To achieve that, use hair products that give hair a smooth finish. Hair coats or serums are great to apply while hair is damp after a shower. It keeps hair tangle-free while staying hydrated all day.


    Hair normally stretches especially when wet. If you got healthy hair, it should have an elastic texture when pulled. Breakage and hair snaps are things you don’t want to see, so you should avoid things that make hair brittle. Too much heat from heat styling is one of the best culprits of weak hair. Strengthening treatments should also be a part of your healthy hair care routine, especially if you have fine hair.

    Healthy ends of a woman's hair without splits and over-shedding

    Split End Free

    Along with breakage and brittle strands, split ends are sworn enemies that have no business in keeping a healthy hair. Constant exposure to chemicals and bad hair practices often lead to split ends. For example, brushing wet hair or excessive blow drying causes split ends. Too much heat from styling tools, or even the summer sun, causes dryness that leads to hair-splitting behavior.

    Prevent this from happening with healthy hair care practices. Start by limiting your use of heat styling tools and protecting your hair from sun exposure. You can also benefit from using hair repair treatments that bring moisture back to your locks. Try having a regular trim to keep the ends of your hair always nice and tamed.


    Surprised? Losing some hair is actually a good thing. Science says that it’s pretty much normal to see 100 strands of hair falling off your head in a day. Losing hair more than that might be a case of hair loss. In order to prevent this, you need to use an effective hair loss shampoo. It should contain ingredients that prevent hair loss while improving the resilience of your hair. You should also look into your lifestyle, stress levels, or the products you use that are probably causing your hair fall. The average life cycle of hair is 2 to 7 years. Each time a hair falls off, the growth of a new one begins.


    Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Being free from dandruff is the most important sign that your scalp is in best shape. Too much oil could build-up and accumulate dirt. It’s the perfect formula for scalp infection that could lead to dandruff. On the other hand, a super dry scalp could look irritated and flaky too. Enough natural oils should travel from the roots to the tips of your hair, keeping both scalp and hair adequately moisturized.

    To solve this, you simply have to work against the situation. If your hair is too oily, then washing more often with a mild shampoo will do the trick. Otherwise, dry hair will benefit from using moisturizing products like conditioners and essential oils. Moisture is the simplest secret to having healthy hair.

    If you’re already suffering from dandruff, there’s no need to panic. You can try various solutions. Using an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly can help you gradually eliminate dandruff. Choose products that are specially formulated for your hair type to avoid further damage. Sometimes, if commercial products are too harsh for you, a great solution is to use natural options like essential oils. They are rich in essential nutrients that promote healthy hair and scalp. The best example is castor oil, which not only nourishes hair but also helps keep your scalp clean and balanced.

    Want to know how to spot the signs of hair damage? Now that you can tell the signs of a healthy hair right off the bag, it’s time to look for signs of the opposite and learn how to fix them. That’s right. Certain warning signals can tell you that your hair already needs some help.

    6 Simple Ways to Get Soft and Shiny Hair

    Hair that is soft and shiny can never pass a day without catching an admiring gaze. But the road to glossy hair takes a bit of effort. Even people born with these gorgeous hair characteristics need to stick to a hair care routine. Having a proper hair care routine is the only way for you to achieve healthy hair. Try these simple ways to get that soft and shiny hair you want.

    Use Conditioners

    After you shampoo, make sure to use a hair conditioner. As shampoos cleanse the hair, it can strip off some of its natural oils. Especially if you are using brands with a stronger cleansing formula such as anti-dandruff shampoos, you need a hair conditioner. They coat the hair with a thin film, filling in the gaps of broken cuticles. So, the hair restores softness and shine of your hair.

    With so many products to choose from, what types of hair conditioners should you pick? There are two common types of hair conditioners perfect for everyday use.

    • In-Shower Conditioning Creams – The rich and creamy texture of conditioning creams work very similarly to natural grease. You can use it right after a shower, massage on hair, and then rinse off.
    • Leave-in Conditioners – Applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair is like putting lotion on your skin. It contains moisturizing and protective ingredients that fight


    Apply Heat Protectant Formulas

    Heat from sun exposure and styling tools damages your hair. It can remove moisture from hair, leaving your tresses dry, dull, and brittle. Heat can make your hair porous as well. This can lead to breakage and other kinds of hair damage. Applying heat protectant formulas fortifies your hair so it can withstand the heat. It provides a natural barrier that protects the strands from pollution as well.

    Using hair dryers can cause as much damage as straightening irons. Most heat protectant formulas give your hair extra moisture and protein too. They strengthen the strands so you don’t have to worry about dry and brittle hair. Don’t forget to apply this product before use dry or style your hair.

    Apply Serums or Gloss

    Glaze up your hair with a gleaming topcoat of hair serums or gloss. If you have dull hair, transform it in an instant with these products. Make it a part of a healthy hair care routine. It’s quick and easy to use. Put a generous amount on your palm and rub both hands together to spread. Slither them on damp hair, then style as usual. Hair becomes more manageable and less frizzy as it shines.

    Woman applying a hair care product to her hair

    Have a Hair Treatment

    Hair treatments come in various forms such as hot oil, hair mask, or hair spa treatment. Any type or texture of hair needs and benefits from it. Since different hair types have varied levels of natural gloss, you should think about how often you should get it.

    If you have straight or wavy hair, have a deep nourishing treatment at least once a month. It not only restores the moisture back, it strengthens hair as well. Curly and kinky hair tends to be dryer and more brittle. That’s why these types of hair could get the treatment more often.

    Visit a trusted salon near you and ask for the best deep nourishing hair treatment for your hair. Enjoy the luxurious VIP treatment as you get healthy hair that shines. If you’re on a budget, go to beauty stores and buy hair treatment products. Get a DIY kit and enjoy a relaxing hair treatment at home.

    Try Home Remedies

    Looking for more thrifty hair treatment options? You can surely find one when you go to your kitchen. Popular kitchen ingredients such as eggs, honey, yogurt, and apple cider vinegar are great home remedies that give hair a luscious shine. The egg is a favorite because it not only provides hair moisture but nourishment as well. It’s a good source of protein and fatty acids that help repair and strengthen hair.

    Get more options when you go outside the house. At the garden or backyard, you can pick some aloe vera, ripe banana, and avocado. These ingredients repair hair dryness and promote healthy hair.

    Bottles of essential oils with some rose petals

    Discover Essential Oils

    More and more people are opting for products made with natural ingredients. Organic and all-natural essential oils are the top-selling essential oils in the market today. Coming from different sources, these plant-based oils have varied uses and benefits too. Essential oils like castor, argan, and coconut oil are perfect for both hair and skin. Other oils like lavender and rose oil have soothing fragrances that are great for aromatherapy.

    What’s the best thing about using essential oils? They work like clothes that you can mix and match to create a perfect blend that suits your needs and liking. For example, a blend of castor oil and lavender oil could do wonders for your hair while diffusing a relaxing scent you will enjoy.

    Committing to a Hair Care Routine

    Getting to the root of the problem takes time. But if it’s knowledge that you need, you’ve come to the right place. Equipped with information and healthy hair tips, chase bad hair day away, permanently. Cut down any risks of having brittle and weak hair.

    Learn how to build healthy hair care from daily struggle practices to weekly and even monthly routines that you need to make a habit of. Healthy Hair Lifestyles guides you into a path towards having naturally lustrous and shiny tresses.

    Woman in a yellow tank top holding a cucumber slice with her fingers

    A Healthy Diet

    Hair gets its primary nourishment from the food and drinks we ingest. Eating food rich in protein and vitamins promotes healthy hair growth. Get stronger strands that do not break easily and reduce chances of suffering from concerns such as split ends and hair fall.

    Choose Products Wisely

    Remember that the formulas you apply on your hair and scalp also introduce foreign substances into your body. This is why you need to be wise when it comes to picking hair products. Go for those that have natural or organic formulas. And remember to pick ones that suit your hair care needs.

    High-Quality Tools and Accessories

    To treat your hair gently and with utmost care is the decree of every expert. Too much styling using cheap tools and equipment causes damage. While it transforms your hair beautifully for an instant, it might still cause long-term damages.

    It is also important to consider getting hair treatments once in a while for damaged tresses. Aside from its wonderful effects, you get to have a luxurious experience. Back that up with healthy hair hacks and knowledge on how to use hair tools like a pro.

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